True Friends


This past weekend I had invited over two of my best friends; people that I have known for 7+ years, and little did I know this past weekend would really change my outlook on them. On Friday night, I had my two best friends show up to my parents house—where I grew up—just to have a small get together, maybe some drinks, and that was it. Well, when they showed up—they had about 6 other people along with them. Immediately I had 10-12 duffle bags and about 3 pizza’s thrown onto my parents kitchen counters. I was not mad because of there were a lot of bags and misc items in my kitchen, but I was angry because it symbolized to me that they intended on staying over at my house. I grabbed one of my friends and tried to talk to him directly about the situation—that of me not enjoying the additional people he had brought with him, and immediately I was corned by him talking to me about how he is leaving at the end of the month and how he his friends are respectable. I decided to say “ok” we’ll have a good time and hang out—second mistake—first mistake was opening the door. As the night went on, events in my parents house started to take place that I did not like. My parents allowed me to come home to help me get back on my feet from a situation I was dealt with, my friends knew this, but they were relentless to listen to me when I would ask “hey could you mix that pitcher of booze in the sink”, or “don’t smoke in my garage” among others. Instead they just ran my house—I had no control. As the night continued, this girl got drunk enough that she lost it and puked inside my parents living room. No one cleaned it up, so obviously I did, as there was no way I would allow puke to stain and stink up my parents house. Immediately after my friend took himself and his friends in my parents hot tub and started treating it like a swimming pool. If it were a swimming pool I would not be mad, but for one; it was not a swimming pool and two it is an indoor hot tub. I put my foot down. I walked into the sunroom and told my friends that they need to either chill out and take the party into the basement, and suddenly my hot tub went out as in, stopped working. Now I’m livid, as I knew my parents just spent close to $1200 to fix it in the previous month. The best part, the jackasses stayed in the hot tub anyway and continued to drink. The night went on and soon they were all sleeping on my parents couches. I woke up in the morning to everyone talking and yelling in my kitchen. By the time I came downstairs to check things out, they were all gone and my house a mess. The hot tub had food and about one inch of scum on the surface, my parents living room reeked of puke. I spent all day Saturday and today with emptying the hot tub and cleaning my house, but it still smells like puke. The puke smell has dissipated since Saturday morning, but I used so many cleaning products to clean out my house that I think it smells like a cleaning product factory. I left all the windows in my house open yesterday and today, but still the smell of slight puke and cleaning chemical remain. My parents are coming back to their home on Wednesday and I hope it will be cleared out by then, but that is not the issue here. The issue is my quote on quote true friends. They showed up with multiple people, trashed my parents home and left me to slop it all up. I guess the bottom line is that they are not true friends but a mere liability. Mind you I am not a small guy and I am not a push-over, but I still cannot think of a reason for why I did not kick them out. I think it had something to do with me continuing to tell myself “wait, you can’t kick them out—these are your good friends” and that is as close as I can get to an answer. No fair warning, no help cleaning and no apology. Just people using people is how I analyze it, but why do the people have to be “good friends” and why do I have to deal with this mess because of them. I am a firm believer in the quote “everything happens for a reason”, but what reason would this situation bring—not to trust people I’ve known for several years, or to never have people in my parents home? It’s hard to imagine what everyone’s intent was Friday night, but I still have yet to hear from any of them and I don’t think I will be trying to reach them either. I just wonder know—who really is a “true friend”.
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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

You have it right. These were NOT friends. They were out to take advantage of you. Sure, you made a mistake letting them in. But when they wouldn't leave when you asked, you should have called the police. At that point, they became trespassers. Why would you have anything to do with these particular people ever again?