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I Have Quite The Following...

So, whenever I log on EP I typically have no less than 10 things in my inbox, comments on my stories, questions, things on my whiteboard and lots of gestures. What the heck is the appeal? Heh It's flattering but this is your chance to tell me why you added me as either a friend or fan. What you think of me etc... I wanna know.

anotherinnocent anotherinnocent 22-25, F 4 Responses Mar 13, 2011

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Lets chat and I'll tell you ;)

I asked you if you pd in the shower, which was a lazy cheap question.<br />
Rather than ignoring me which I expected, or getting pd at me you not only answered the question but you became my fan???This indicated an interesting personality with a sense of humour. so after telling you how I thoght EP. worked best I added you.<br />
Since then I have seen a lot more of your wicked sense of humour, your sensitivity, your empathy annd your generous personality to name but a few of your virtues.<br />
I'm proud to have you as my friend.<br />
And a compliment from you is a compliment to be valued. Thanks for being you. My friend J.<br />
ari X.

Aw thank you! I am actually smiling!!! Awwww haha

i added you as a friend, because i linked to your profile thru some group or other.. i forget which but it was about some abuse in your past, so i looked at your profile and saw that you were had recently had a baby, the weight issues, more abuse stories etc etc, <br />
<br />
i remember thinking .. wow, you have been through such a lot and it seemed to me that you are on almost a personal journey and i like the way that you dont ask for sympathy, but you share your concerns and seem to be an honest,grounded and open person and that it would be interesting to follow the story of how you are dealing with the past present and future situations.