I'd Love To Know!

Hello everyone!
I would love to know what do you think of me when you browse my profile?
how do you imagine my look and my personality?
please be honest and tell me your impression of me, don't worry... I can handle it!

Thank you!
PosterGirl PosterGirl
31-35, F
3 Responses Sep 3, 2011

Obvioulsy sincere, probably better looking than you think, perhaps a bit of a low self esteem unwarrented, maybe you like dry humor, and that's all I got....

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

I think your profile seems very nice as far as you have gone with it. I did notice that on your profile it says we have no Experiences in common but I can see that we do by looking at the ones you have listed. You seem to be a very intelligent woman who knows what she wants and I think that is a very good start. I would like to know more about you so I will chat on your whiteboard. I would like very much to talk with you more so I am going to send you a private message.

Thank you! .. it's my pleasure!

I think your profile has intrigue. It's mysterious and somewhat provacative. Everyone should have someone to love or be loved by someone. I also believe and have experienced internet realtionships.

If you think I'm a mysterious person, you can ask me whatever you wanna know!.. and thank you for you comment!!

Sometimes the mystery can be alluring. People often want what they can't have. I just read your other story, Even though it's your culture, you should really go outside the lines and find someone that you love and will love you back. not someone forced upon you.