One I Don't Appreciate.

The dreaded mosquito!

The must be a reason for it's existence but I can't see it.

Not nice at 2am buzzing round keeping me awake.

Not nice waking at 6am finding my thigh as rough as a pineapple with bites everywhere.

Little pests.
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Like every other creature in our world, the mosquito plays a very important role in the food chain. Some bats and many birds eat their own weight in mosquitoes every day. If you want a pleasant repellent, try any lotion or oil scented with lavender. They don't much like it. It doesn't last long, so it's good for a run out to the garden to pick the beans. Hmmm.. reminds me of a story....<br />
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No, it could be a long night in the slammer :)

Yep, but if I went through one of those scanners at an airport they'd probably lock me up as it looks like a pistol.

Hey, I might be getting on in years but I'm still flexible :)<br />
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My zapper is from days long gone, used for removing static from vinyl records. Must be 36 years old.<br />
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Anyone with a TENS system could try it. (They outlawed them some time ago because they worked so well)

It works! I've just done my arms. Now for the thigh and backside, Those mozzies are not very discreet!

Oh I have one of boys are pertified of it! LOL!!! Such woosies! I can never find it before I start to scratch.

That's interesting to hear. I've got a device that creates a bit of a zap, and plenty of bites to try it on.

I don't know what attracts them. It could be our smell. It could be pheromones. I avoid repellents, it's no wonder they smell, have you seen what's in them?

yes, but some people are just more attractive than others...for every one mossie bite that xRocks gets, i get 50 :(

Then I am going to go and get myself a blood transfusion!

Well Isshe I have a theory about that. Some people are not bothered by mozzies. <br />
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Cause their blood's not as good as those who are :)

URgh....xrocks is never bothered by mossies...not fair!

URgh....xrocks is never bothered by mossies...not fair!

Yes, that would be better than insecticide.

What mozzies?<br />
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I'm not sure that they have a purpose except to fill an ecological gap that opens up from time to time! In a very unpleasant way.<br />
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Better get a mozzie net, Woo.

xRocks had better demozzitise the place before you get home.

Yep...I HATE them too. That is one of the things that I have have really loved about being away from home...the freedom of not covering up from head to toe, even just to go and hang out the washing or to get it in. Oh dear, I am not looking forward to the mossies at home, perhaps I could just shidt everyone up here for a few months...

There the worst. You'd think with the frog population around here the tadpoles would eat all the mozzie lava but some manage to take to the air and feed on me.