New Mexico


We have two frisky Road Runners (state bird) who live on our block. We also have a skunk that I have never seen but I KNOW it is around.

NM is a bird watchers paradise. We have a nature reserve near and we see birds galore. I got a nice pair of binoculars and go out to our back porch and watch. 

  I have mobility problems due to illness and I pretty much stay home but my older son goes mountain biking and has seen a lot. One time a buck deer was on the bike path and challenged his right to be there by lowering his head and thrusting his horns at him.   A black bear sat in the middle in the middle of the road and ignored them as they CARFULLY tipped toed around him with their bikes. 

  I skin and make hat bans, billfolds and knife sheaths out of rattle snakes that they kill and bring to me. This is a nice place to die.  

Dewduster Dewduster
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6 Responses Feb 12, 2009

i have wild boars black bears foxes deer coyote skunks groundhogs squirrels raccoons opossums copperhead snakes etc..

Socal is like that!

I live in the concrete jungle...our animals run around on two legs and they are truly the most dangerous of all...

I hope it is also a great place to live as well as die!

"dear"... now puck61 women are not animals. I am glade you have "lots of dear" and I hope you have been able to cut a few out of the heard (lol) but the PC will get you if you insist on including "dear" with " aligators, possums, squirrels. armidillos"...DD

Here we have aligators, possums, squirrels. armidillos. lots of dear