Sharing Experiences

Hi, my name is Matt Storer, I'm an artist studying at Loughborough University and I need people to share their stories for my work.
My work is about human behaviour and how we all interact through different outlets, needless to say this part of my work is from the point of the internet.
We all struggle with feelings we have on a daily basis and I am no exception, I really want to know peoples personal experiences about Love, Breakups, Deaths that you have experienced, Relationships, Political issues, Family issues, Psychological issues, Uncertainties and worries you have in life, your personal feelings toward absolutely anything that is important to you. Please try to be as completely truthful about everything you felt and experienced, I want this to be an outlet for anyone who needs one.  
If you are included in my work you will be anonymous unless you want to be credited for your experience and if you are chosen to be in my work you will be notified and kept in the loop about everything I am doing.
I do not want to abuse your stories or take them out of context, I want to find pure human emotion in anyone who wants to let people see it. 
Thank you for reading and I hope to hear your stories soon.
Matt Storer
mattstorer mattstorer
18-21, M
Oct 15, 2011