Dreamy and Idealistic, Naturally Trippy, Black Sheep, Art, Love, and Freedom



You Are Surrealism


Dreamy and idealistic, you've created a world that is all your own.

It's very likely that you've either dabbled in drugs or are naturally trippy.

You are always trying to push beyond the boundaries of your culture and society.

You believe that art, love, and freedom can change the world.

WarriorMom WarriorMom
51-55, F
7 Responses Jan 7, 2009

Sweet.......it must run in the family! No wonder I like/love my daughter so much!

You funny AlDentism.

Hmmmm......so what does the color green signify?

Thanks, I thought so too. <br />
Addy is under the main group title.

Where did you get that from? That is a good summary of you! ((((smiles)))) ((((hugs))))

Thanks Sweetheart...Your one fantastic Lady yourself!!!

You go Sweetie! You are one fantastic Lady.