When I was about 17 I started reading some books on my mothers shelf that drawed my eyes. I was 'looking for something' and so I started reading self-help books. I read six books of Wayne Dyer (including one about raising children, which actually tought me the most) and two of Louise L. Hay. This was after highschool, I had a year off, and it's formed the basis of how I think today. These books tought me to think out of the box, to become more open and tought me the skill of familiarizing a concept/idea/way of thinking. My mind is more flexible. I get used to an idea more quick. When something right turns out to be wrong I immediately suck it in and change the data in my mind.

Now that I'm 20 I don't agree on everything in these books anymore and I'm actually sick and tired of self-help books, but they really were the start of my openmindedness.

More recently I read The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. It didn't change my life on such a big scale, but it has awakened the nomad in me. I dreamed of shallow freedom before. Now I dream of living on the wind and following the signs.
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I love the book the Prophet by Kahil Gibran. It is magical...<br />
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Lune - I too felt like you at the ripe old age of 23 - seen it, read it, lived it - but these lessons need to be reiterated along the way - so much so that somehow I managed to lose all of my knowledge and liberation - by the time I was 50 I had lost everything - but I held on to my self respect - simply by revisting some of the fabulous books I read in my 20s... and along the way picking up new perspectives and learning and understanding myself better than before. It is great to "know" but it also even greater to "understand" not just yourself but others! Not everyone has insight into themselves. <br />
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Brainyblonde - I too have read The Gift of Fear - a truly great read - this book is all the self-help books rolled into one entertaining, thought provoking read. <br />
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richard templar the rules of life.. tuesdays with morrie by mitch album<br />
i love self help books i love 'em i love 'em<br />
hmm oxford dictionary lol.. and المستطرف في كل فن مستظرف

Nice share. I like how you described your own evolution there. I'm not gonna lie, I could never stand self help books... read some mostly because they were recommended by my mother. But I guess now I can't stand that sort of advice. lol. But a very enlightening posts, thank you!