The Great Motivator Of Life

When I was VERY young, it was still early middle school, so I'd been in the states a little while now... I read this book called Anvil of Stars, by Greg Bear. I think now I was a bit young for it, but that's kinda not giving a kid credit with the material. It was a bit explicit at times, and the subject was vast. But I think it had a profound influence on my openess to subjects. I liked the idea that people could be sent into deep outer space for exploration, but it was also about the relationship between the team itself, which was a gropu of children, and it may have even been part of the making of one of my recurring dreams that I have. There is a large psychological element to the book, as well as a team leader characteristics which hit me hard. It was a long time ago, but I'll always remember it.

Anyway... after that (well, there may have been others in between, but for now...) one book that really hit me was Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card. Great writer, he's done some fatastic workshops on how to do great creative writing. His structure is just flawless. Thus how I got so captivated by it. But the book itself is about child prodigies, and how underestimated they can be in all of our eyes as well as how truly capable they are to shape the world. Not even "if they were given the power," but really with the very little means that they had, the influential characters of this book take control of humanity to save it. Not by themselves, the story's a lot more in depth than that, but each of them have leadership characteristics, qualities that make them formidable. I truly learned a lot about what I admire in life through this book.

I'm going to wrap it up with my favorite book of all time (because I'm seeing that I could write a big list of books and how much I believe they all influenced me, but I've decided to keep it to 3, lol)... "The Count of Montecristo." I absolutely LOVE this book. My father first read it to me when I was very little. Then when we moved to the states he bought a special version of it made for the intermediate readers, if you will. Still a decent sized book for a kid, but not at all the same. Afterwards, I recieved a copy of the original when I was older, in French. And since then I've owned a few different copies. I've probably re-read it at least 30 times. You see, I like many styles and genres. Love is always good, it's powerful... however it's hard to appreciate love stories when the greatest writers have already engulfed them. Not only that, but I might be a bit too young for that kind of love... or maybe it's not age, maybe it's just character. However vengeance, I love stories about revenge. To generate a captivating tale of this kind, and I mean truly captivating, one must always start out with a tale of fairness and justness. Someone who had something because it was right, because they deserved it, because they earned it. I know not all revenge tales start like that, but they should, or else you just don't get the same effect. Going on... the next part is delicious... EVERYTHING must be ripped and torn from the main character. All of the hard work destroyed, all of the fairness and justness burned before their very eyes, and all of the love ******** from them only to be desecrated, massacred, and violently extinguished from existence. After that, generally, the character should then be taken to suffer somewhere over long periods of time. This can be self torture or continued physical torture. Finally, a glimps of hope, a chance from the gods... the story continues and allows you to see a rebuilding process, and the character will accept the challenge and will put everything they have into it, fueled by the flames of vengeance that now pump through their veins rather than blood. And with this golden ticket, out of the ashes arise the fallen hero! Unidentified even, sometimes, because of the level of transformation that occurred. And with this new found power, glory is theirs as they pursue a life of meaning and success... yet still unsatisfied, until finally the time for waiting is over. Until all the years and months and days and hours and minutes of suffering have finally count down to the now, where all the fruits of the labor went from sweet to just empty compared to the hatred that burns eternally inside of them. And in that final moment, the greatest release ever searched for by man or woman, (perhaps even greater than the release of love for it was love that started this quest but an entirely different beast has now emerged) at the highest of costs, is served with justice. It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.

That is my map to a good vengeance story. Besides the Count, look at Conan the Barbarian, Old Boy (you still get to see that he had a happy life in the beginning), even the movie "Irreversible" is the epitome of this if you think about that.. in a twisted way of course. If you're wondering how has this influenced me? Well there isn't one book that made me who I am... I wasn't saved by any book, and I'm not going out in life to do what any of them taught me. Or rather, I'm going out in life to do what all of them have taught me. It's not too specific. But this book... this one taught me about passion. This one taught me where my strengths lie. I love writing as much as I love to read, and if I ever make a master piece... you will know my driving force behind it ;)

I love vengeance. I think I'm going to look for that as my next Experience =)
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cool! thanks for the comment. Happy to inspire! =)

Its so true, people don't think about the real significant impact a book has on your life. Anything from Philip K **** is like taking a hit of hallucinogen- its amazing how a person can convey life feelings and themes in a book and convey understanding. i havent read any books youve listed but i definetly will check them out now!