Food For Your Mind-grapes

I haven't been reading too many of the books I actually want to read lately, what with school giving me books in which I'm not remotely interested (ie Shakespeare) but at the moment I am reading The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck and I'm really enjoying it. After that I'm going to read The Count of Monte Cristo and whatever else my Lit teacher sees fit. Finally though, after I get all done with THOSE books I can read The Host by Stephanie Meyer and a couple other books I'm planning on ordering including Choke, Pygmy, Atheist Universe, Lullaby, and others. Ugh, the summer seems too far off in the distance to be

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LeStat is LeSh1t <br />
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Personally I'm a fan of Interview with the Vampire

I love Anne Rice :)

Oh, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn? Fantastic book! I second that recommendation.

Lol, thanks VendettA :) I'll look into it

I'd recommend Ishmael when you have more time, like in the summer :)