The Fifth Sacred Wheel By Starhawk

I just finished a book that I totally consider life-changing.

Sometimes just saying that is cliche, but the book gave me words and images that gives life to some of my beliefs, my future goals.  It gave me more perspective on behavior, love, kindness, poetry, community, and communication.  A lot of polyamory occurs in the book, too, as well as diversity in relationship models, religion or lack thereof, races, etc.

The book is a fictional work about a group of protagonists struggling for their own way of life.  They created a community that is almost ecotopia.  They preserve water in unique ways.  They have this sort of creed, "May you never hunger, may you never thirst".  The time of the story is set in the future (I think 2043?), when water and food have become scarce, and technology no longer really helps anyone.  It is no longer about luxury or convenience, but about fighting to survive and live.

There are also some magical proponents in the book that adheres to self-power (and paganism, I guess).  Naturally, a lot of this is fictional and a lot of that has meanings hidden underneath as well.   But I find all of it very beautiful.  I admire the flow and quality of the work, the information the author used to incorporate into the book, and the deep developments of all the characters involved.  The dialogues, parables, analogies, and critical thinking provided are all powerful.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I Grok it. I shall look it up. How can anyone resist stories of polyamory and ecotopia? :)