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This must be a lie!

Your Love is Yellow When you love someone, your world is a sunnier, brighter, and happier place. Love is what you live for.
You believe in true love, and you remain optimistic, no matter what romantic problems you have in your life.

You are light-hearted and happy-go-lucky. You don't really have to look for love - it always seems to find you.
You have a big heart and are very compassionate. You have a lot of love, affection, and empathy to give.
Arorin Arorin 22-25, M 107 Responses Sep 13, 2010

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I am best at psychology and human behavior. Just one of those things I naturally picked up.

If you were just feet you'd be shoes.. <br />
<br />
Yeah, IQ tests aren't very accurate. There is too much to learn in the world to be able to truly test intelligence. If anything, it would take about 100 questions in each group; basic math, advanced math, grammar, patterns, writing structure, basic science.. etc. and then average all of them.

umm okay?

Yeah well, I think people have just discovered I have more than feet..

told you

It was the butterfly sweetpea... it fooled em all O.o yellow... *vomits into bucket*

I dunno, I dont really trust IQ test much.

120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence<br />
That's just under genius =O<br />
<br />
If great minds think alike, how did I get 130?


:] I guess so.

guess great minds think alike!


same with me lol.. I was laying down and watching tv.

Yeah, it wasn't too bad. I was singing while I was doing mine. x] It was boring me.

yeah it wasnt hard, but we didnt get perfect scores so it must not of been easy either.

Well, it wasn't hard.

That is pretty insane that we get the same score. That last test wasnt even nearly as easy.

....<br />
<br />
<br />
Oh. Yeah. I knew that. -_-

Did you read my comment? I said I got a 126 before you did.

Hah, don't lie to me.

we got the same score on two iq test now..


oh wow...

I got 126.


psssh, say what you like... you're a fluffy lion :P

nope.. I failed the test and ally took it for me and passed. I am actually green not yellow!

HAH! I TOLD you that you were a soft fluffy lion behind those mean teeth! :)

oh? what did you get?

I just took that test. Meh.