This must be a lie!

Your Love is Yellow When you love someone, your world is a sunnier, brighter, and happier place. Love is what you live for.
You believe in true love, and you remain optimistic, no matter what romantic problems you have in your life.

You are light-hearted and happy-go-lucky. You don't really have to look for love - it always seems to find you.
You have a big heart and are very compassionate. You have a lot of love, affection, and empathy to give.
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107 Responses Sep 13, 2010

I am best at psychology and human behavior. Just one of those things I naturally picked up.

If you were just feet you'd be shoes.. <br />
<br />
Yeah, IQ tests aren't very accurate. There is too much to learn in the world to be able to truly test intelligence. If anything, it would take about 100 questions in each group; basic math, advanced math, grammar, patterns, writing structure, basic science.. etc. and then average all of them.

umm okay?

Yeah well, I think people have just discovered I have more than feet..

told you

It was the butterfly sweetpea... it fooled em all O.o yellow... *vomits into bucket*

I dunno, I dont really trust IQ test much.

120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence<br />
That's just under genius =O<br />
<br />
If great minds think alike, how did I get 130?


:] I guess so.

guess great minds think alike!


same with me lol.. I was laying down and watching tv.

Yeah, it wasn't too bad. I was singing while I was doing mine. x] It was boring me.

yeah it wasnt hard, but we didnt get perfect scores so it must not of been easy either.

Well, it wasn't hard.

That is pretty insane that we get the same score. That last test wasnt even nearly as easy.

....<br />
<br />
<br />
Oh. Yeah. I knew that. -_-

Did you read my comment? I said I got a 126 before you did.

Hah, don't lie to me.

we got the same score on two iq test now..


oh wow...

I got 126.


psssh, say what you like... you're a fluffy lion :P

nope.. I failed the test and ally took it for me and passed. I am actually green not yellow!

HAH! I TOLD you that you were a soft fluffy lion behind those mean teeth! :)

oh? what did you get?

I just took that test. Meh.

That test you told me to take said my score was 126

I will take it when I am not distracted.

Whenever, I'm just curious o.o

I forgot about them. I had to do other things before I could.

I guess so..<br />
Did you take the one I posted?

Not bad

Yeah, I got 9/10. I missed number 2 and guessed number 10.



hmm.. not too sure..<br />
<br />
Take the one that we did?

^For -a- decent IQ...<br />
<br />
Dang, I LOST 8 points since I took it 5 years ago...

How did you guys get on IQ from his color of love again...?<br />
<br />
For decent a IQ test I suggest



You said good, so I was like yeah!

Hmm, you seem quite enthusiastic about it. :P


Good. :]

lol, fine I will do my best to remember.

Yes, please. :D

lol, I guess I could start with putting a ' in don't from now on.

Well, you can start by putting a ' when you write don't. x] haha

That is really the only way I learn, so if you dont mind correcting me I am cool with it.

It's okay. I'll just have to correct you when you don't.

I still dont speak properly lol..

Well, you're smarter than a lot of people, that's for sure.

That is why I dont trust IQ test. Because I can figure all of that out fast means I am smart? I still dont feel like I have a high IQ.

Well, I did that too, but then I stopped and asked myself, "When are they ever this obvious on an IQ test?" and that's why I did all these weird calculations with all of the numbers.

Well as soon as I saw it I counted 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and went on. I really didnt look any farther into it, and that is usually how i miss things because I go to fast.

Haha, I guess I missed the one you thought no one could ever miss.

Honestly I didnt think anyone could miss 6 though.. Other then question 9 I figured 5 would be the only one to trick anyone else.

Haha, you really thought I missed 5? Seriously? I'm not that dumb.

Every question there has a pattern so that is all I look for that is why I flew by it so much.

Seriously, if I had known they wanted such an obvious answer, it wouldn't have taken me very long either. It's just... I have a calculation type brain. I multiplied, divided, added, subtracted each thing, and then I worked each freaking answer into the equation and none of them fit the way I liked, except B. So, I say B is right.

lol yeah it was just a pattern. I spent 2 seconds on that one.

Number 6. Which I had right at first, but then changed it because I couldn't fit the denominator 2 into the whole equation, even though the numerator clearly counts in a downward motion. Lame. I just added all of the numerator totals and denominator totals and got 14 for both, so I figured they'd add an equal amount to both, so I put B so they would both equal nineteen. It just didn't seem right how they would have an amount of 15 for the top, and 16 for the bottom, even though it's so obvious that all they were doing was counting down. LAME. -_-

which one is it that you missed?<br />
<br />
my guess is you missed 5?

Okay, nevermind. I only missed one, but still, I don't see how I missed it. I guess I just have another way of thinking. >_>

yeah I fixed it. I only had nine letters in there earlier. So then why am I a genius? They didnt teach me to be one in school..

Oh, nevermind. You fixed the one you had earlier.

Are you sure?

I can do math just fine, but understanding the words used to describe math problems are so hard for me.. <br />
<br />
It goes<br />
<br />
1)A<br />
2)B<br />
3)C<br />
4)A<br />
5)B<br />
6)C<br />
7)D<br />
8)B<br />
9)D<br />

Well, yeah, I thought for sure I got that one right. I do math in my head all the time, and that one only took me like 5 seconds to do. I have no idea which 2 I missed then.

It is 30. I guessed at it and got it wrong because I didnt understand the wording, but I went back to look and found the answer.<br />
<br />
9/ Which number is the tenth part of a quarter of the fifth part of half 12,000 ? <br />
<br />
12,000 / 2 / 5/ 4 / 10 = 30

It's not 30? I put 30. D:

Wait no never mind I figured it out. It is 30 so that means I got them all.

lol whatever it doesnt matter. I am still trying to figure out why question 9 is 45, and not 30..

yeah, i got 8/10. was I supposed to be taking it seriously, because I wasn't. x] I just wanted to eat my chips.

lol oh yeah?

Hmm, yeah, I went downstairs to grab some chips. x]

Well I got a 9 out of 10. Each problem only took a second, except for question number 9 which I dont understand at all.

It says there's a time limit of 5 minutes. Or something like that.

well here take this one then. <br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Dunno if there is a time limit on it, but only one question is confusing me..

Well, it has to do with your problem solving skills, aduh. Plus they time you, so it also has to do with how quickly you can solve things :]

They always have like puzzles in them and I dont see what that has to do with an IQ..

Yeah. I know what you mean.

I guess I could search it is just hard to find a real one is all.

Haha, I was hoping you'd do the searching for it.

Find me a good one and sure we can both take it.

Hmmm, I'm sure there's a free IQ test on the internetz somewhere you could take so you could see what it is. I'd take it if you did.