A Variation Of Yellow

I love cautiously, trust cautiously and go into relationships thinking only with my head and not with my heart. this gives me an opportunity to look into the person I like, I learn about them, I learn to cherish them and before long I fall in love with them but always with a little hesitation. It's clear to me that I'm like this because of past experiences, but I can't say it's terrible; because more often times than not, I save myself from a lot of heartache. When I do fall in love, which has thus far only been once, my love is everything a girl could ever want, I give all of me; every part of my soul to this other person. The colour yellow is a happy colour and that is exactly how a relationship is when I choose to show my affections.

I love the colour yellow :)
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18-21, F
1 Response Nov 1, 2011

You are a truely beautiful person.