Your Love Is Red

When you love someone, your love is intense and dramatic. For you, love is passion.
You enjoy seducing someone and being seduced. You like feeling romantically overwhelmed.

You're the type of person who loves whoever you want, and you're often drawn toward forbidden love.
You are also stubborn about getting the person you're interested in to fall for you. You love chasing after what you want.


OK I leave it up to others to judge if this is true for me...
yulico yulico
70+, F
5 Responses Aug 15, 2014

Hi my last profili make a problem add me

sorry, no, i don't add boys - or men, for that matter.

You add me one time

if i did, it was mistake, sorry...


what was your user name before?

Unfair!!! lol!

I have no secrets except my secrets...

i know, i am safe with you xxx

*cynical laughter* it is precisely because your deception is not working, that i know i am safe with you...

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Add me

what? just like that? since when did you get the privilege of telling me what to do?

Add me pleas to talk

ok i do not add guys but you can message me if you want to chat. ok?

I cant first you have add me

have you tried? i get messages from all sorts of people

But i cant

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Stubborness and chasing . . . yes that sounds just like you :-) But I am smiling at the thought of you being "romantically overwhelmed"!

I hope very much you are drawn towards "forbidden love" - no true love should be forbidden and everyone with a moral conscience should help to overcome taboos.

Hi Beth, seems like "chasing after what you want", in another context, was what made Olenna end our relationship. It does make me sound a bit selfish, a bit self obsessed, so maybe she was right. Anyway, red is what i am, and i will live with it.

ok that is so very assuring!

the image of requiting yourself "with distinction everywhere anytime" is amazing -and yes, i always perform with pride!

Well it all sounds like a nice description to have. But then-that's blogthings for ya.

More importantly (at least to me) is a great color. :-)

Maybe I'll take the quiz too, Yulia... just for kicks, since three of my friends have taken it so far. But I wonder,If one had to guess which color my love would be...what would would they predict?

hahaha! OK Sarah, you take this test, i am sure it will be 100% the truth for you!

I got orange. :( My love is soooo not carrot or pumpkin colored, Yulia. :/
I do like games and brains though as the description mentions...but I'm not a risk-taker really, though I can sometimes be bold as often as I can be a little apprehensive. :D I think I'm going to reject this "truth" and substitute my own and say I'm probably more like the green description.

OK I think when it comes to love, we can choose our own colour! I will stick with red for now, but i may cool down as i get older! hahahahaha!

Слава Україні!


What's funny?

it was laugh of joy!