There is nothing more comparable than a heartfelt hug from someone you love. Hugs project with a touch that which the mouth cannot speak. It says how very loved you truly are.

I need one now.
PrettyOldSoul PrettyOldSoul
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14 Responses Mar 19, 2011

I offer mine to you.

A warm comforting hug is one of the most lovely things that someone can give. I love them.

Very true

You to Amysangles,....and a tackle ta boot!

*lots of hugs and ♥*

HUGS back Fordone! Thanks,..lub you all.

AWWW,. thanks Jimmy,.. really needed that right now. Much thanks.

Aww Pretty One... cm'ere *embraces PrettyOldSoul and holds her close for a wile* ...

Right backatcha Hotrod.

Huge HUGS POS!!!! <br />

Hugs are so free, may have as many as you can handle from me dear LyNz46...Good soul.

*sends his friend a BIG hug* (((((HUGS))))) <br />
Lub ya PrettyOS :-)

I do girl,..and I thank you back with one of the same!! I love you!

Wish u could feel this.. hugs u tight*