Comforting Moments

His arms around me comforts me the most.
solid and strong, soft and gentle,
warm and loving always excepting and sometimes forgiving.

The rocking of an old rowboat on the water.
on a lazy summer afternoon.
The sound of a trout jumping a few feet away leaving ripples on the surface of the water.
Dangling my legs over the side so my feet are in the water.

 The sound of crickets in the evening.



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8 Responses Feb 24, 2012

emmm...I see it

tha's very interesting


That's a beautiful desc<x>ription of one of those "perfect moments" where you can do nothing else and sit there and soak up all the things surrounding you, smiling from ear to ear and in your heart :)

Lovely images. :-D

Thank you for commenting.<br />
It is so true. <br />
Often times people do forget the simple ways to enjoy what is around them. <br />
Our society has created this pattern where we work more then we sleep, <br />
and sleep more then we enjoy life. <br />
We need to really try to find times to enjoy other things too :-)

ahhh yes at times like these it most certainly is :-)

Life is so wonderful