My Comfort Zones.

In order for some to get the picture I'm setting, I just wanted to let you know I live on an island and there are some difference in the pace and atmosphere it's more relaxed so.... Here we go!

One of the most prominent smells that relaxes me is the smell of freshly cut grass on a Sunday morning, the sound of the bush cutter blaring, it's safe and familiar.

At home when it dark outside and you know it will rain all day, the smell of the earth and the rain just before it begins to poor.. Then outside of the house we have a back kitchen, the roof is made of tin so the only thing you can hear is the rumbling of rain crashing onto the tin.

My most cherished spot, where I go to think and hear the silence and see the beauty around me is behind my neighbor/ aunties house. Compared to the states it's a hill but to us it's like a mountain. I climb up the trail and when I reach the top it's like I'm capable of anything. The path where head up from is facing the ocean, and because I like to go there in the evening I'm able to see the sunset... When I turn around all I see are mountains and valley different shades of green and brown and I think.... This this is beauty.

Thanks for reading it was fun describing the places and things that are meaningful to me! :)
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Your poetry is matured one and u r a great poet and i have become ur fan.

It sounds beautiful Passion, you can tell from the way you have written, it is deep in your heart.

thank you! it is!

I feel the most comforted when I am all cuddled up in bed with my six pillows supporting my aching body and my heating pad keeping me warm while my little dog Ozzie is cuddled right up next to me nuzzling me while I rub his tummy and we nap together.