The Theory...

The theory of better times. That is the only thing that makes me feel better about any situation when it is at the most bleek of points. Now, the counter to that is: The realization when those better times never happen.

On the other hand, the theory of any one single thing that comforts you can be expanded upon in your the possibilities are endless. However, reality is never to far from theory's door, and it will knock, every single time.

I suppose hope and the theory of great times, adventures, people, and love is better than not having those thoughts. But, the level of comfort that it provides is so lmited. How can one take the hope of comfort and make it reality? Tis a shame this humble man has not the answer to such a query. I will hold on to the dream of someone or something comforting me though...why not?

EricS EricS
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2 Responses Oct 26, 2008

The ever optimist is here:-)<br />
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And you're right! why not.......

The Turtle says it, so it shall be.