A Cup of Tea

Wrapping myself up in a blanket

A reassuring message

A hug

My hoodie

A kiss on the top of my head

The little one falling asleep on me


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8 Responses Jan 2, 2009

wow this is very romantic phrase, josie you are such talented person! <br />
it is very nice and tender too... :)

Yeah ... guess that (a LBD, hose with red heels and a single strand of pearls) and being on a fells arm would be too much to ask for!

ok... that is a good start. more you think about sleep, our mind woks sometime against. so, best is to not think you about sleep. just think about something you like or someone you love.. and you will be relaxed and naturally a young nice sleep price will come get you... Hahaha :)

Maybe ... a LBD, hose with red heels and a single strand of pearls. Possibly a good cup of tea. Talking with my friends here at EP.

i think you just need ~~ sleep early and warm up and comfort, have some tea and with coffee cake and watch some tele... and forget about everything now.. you will feel wonderful in the morning.. i bet. Hugs*

flourlady --- hi there again ... well i enjoy nice english tea !!!! ^_^<br />
<br />
moo are you still sad? ((((HUGS)))) :)

yeah you guys drink alot of tea dont you?

[:-) yah! with english tea . comfy... :D