Oh God Xd

once when i was little around 5-6 my mom convinced me that there was a invisible line on my stomach that everyone but me could see, and it would tell my mom if i was full or not at dinner... So i would eat some and my mom would be like lemme see if your full heather! and id show her my stomach and she go "not yet!" so id eat more. and i believed her up till one day... i heard her telling someone about it. She used it to get me to eat more.
******* mothers are liars :I
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ha ha ha that's so cute!!! my dad convinced me that he and his work buddies came up with jar jar binks's character and did the voices for the movie. ha ah aha i was little but the kids at school talked a lot about those movies. and i didn't know anything about them really... except that i thought my dad had a part in them. ha.