The Egg And The Chicken

At the age of about 5 or 6,I somehow got the idea that chickens would hatch out of the eggs in our kitchen if they were kept for long enough.So one day I sneaked an egg out of the cupboard,hid it under my bed,then checked every day to see if a chick was pecking its way out.Naturally I was disappointed to see the egg just sit there day after day - after maybe a week or so, my mother found it, and wondered why on earth I had put it there.

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Lol aww that was one of the cutest stories I've heard

Thank you - that was me,back in 1954.

Perhaps because the chicken came first!
How else would the egg exist?
Then again, no egg, no chicken!

Oh I'm confused :)

Ha ha,I hadn't quite figured all that out,back in 1954!

I doubt we will ever figure that one out :)
Or why the chicken crossed the road!
You've opened up a whole can of worms here mate :)

cute :-)

I love you =:')

Thank you! I hope you liked that story from the life of young Craig in 1954.

*hugs you* shhh one day that egg will hatch

lol. The first time I heard from an American eggplant, I had to search meaning.

American? Eggplant?

American, (comma) egglant, (comma again)

I'm not in America - and wasn't there 60 years ago when my story happened.

Cute story--thanks for sharing.

I did almost the same thing only I went a step further.<br />
<br />
I took an egg out of the fridge, instructed everybody including my parents not to touch it or do anything to it because I was going to make a chick come out of it.<br />
<br />
I then sat down to think about how I would do accomplish then. Suddenly, I had an idea.<br />
<br />
It probably needed warmth because chickens always sat on eggs.<br />
<br />
But I didn't have a chicken. So....I thought of the next best thing and was very proud of my brilliant idea.<br />
<br />
I sat the egg in front of a heater and kept it there for several days.<br />
<br />
But nothing happened. It was very disappointing. Finally, I gave up, still believing if I'd left it in front of the heater long enough, a chick would have hatched.

I used to think that too, come to think of it! But I never hid and egg to watch and see. Just as well the egg never cracked!

Very heart warming to see such a story,thank you.

now thats a really cute story.....<br />

LOL so cute!!!