I worked in Europe for a while and became very good friends with a Scottish man. One day he was joking about haggis, which I had never heard of before. When I asked him what it was, he told me it was a "furry woodland creature that roams about the highlands of Scotland" and that it was very delicious. I said "like a chinchilla?" Which caused a great deal of mirth for the group (I assumed they were amused by my naivety, boy was I right!). Weeks later another friend was complaining about haggis and how much he hated the taste of it when I piped up with more questions about it. When I started asking about chinchillas and Scottish highlands, the whole group burst out laughing and somehow managed to tell me what it really was. I felt pretty "sheepish".
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Another popular myth about the haggis was that one leg was shorter than the other, so helping it to walk round the sides of mountains (a useful ability in the Highlands of Scotland).

I thoroughly enjoyed your story! Thanks for the chuckle.

This was very funny! :D Valkyrie :))<br />
I am not native English and when we had a can of Luncheon Meat (that's spam actually) at home as a kid I asked mother "what kind of animal is the Luncheon?" <br />
She was laughing so hard that she could not answer! :))) <br />
Your haggis story reminded me of this.

Hahahaha! Nice :)

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