I Believed That If You Were Nice People Would Respect You

I believed that if you treated others with respect they'd do the same, the saying "kill them with kindness" when you've been hurt, but now I think its a bunch of bullshit because not all people believe and follow this which is why I don't see what the point in doing it is even though I still do. Its just disrespectful, Im only 16 and seeing adults give me dirty looks because of how I look or something silly makes me feel so hurt its rediculous how the people act nowadays. Nothing stops us from doing what we want. We have laws, but do we all follow them no ofcourse not, I dont even follow half of them.
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Betrayal comes with the territory when you have a kind heart.

hey kid...if you are kind you are kind not because you expect people to respect or like you, but because you will respect and like yourself more. Positive attitude brings good carma kid. If you feel happy by following your own rules especially if they are positive including kindness......you do not need anyone to approve your choices. Just be strong and be yourself. About the poisoned minds around you....well..i feel sorry about them...they haven't been strong enough to make it to the bright side. Sure, you will make mistakes...everyone of us does...but the key is to be positive and to make choices that you will respect after 10-15 years...try...it's not easy.....but if you try harder you can make it.............i was almost raped when i was your age by my uncle and my parents devorced when i was 14.....my father was beating us every night and so what.......hey.......do not let life brake you!!! never!!! be a good person because you deserve it.....life will pay you back every effort...i am 37 and i know...one day you will understand

I know nothing about governmental things, but if you mean by them keeping things from us? See people like you who are older than me and still can take time to smile to rude people just makes me feel so good inside. I sound so dorky haha, but yeah I do basically everything you do today and my mom says the same thing "Kill them with kindness" lol.

Hey girl. Don't worry..i'm glad you you realized most people suck. I'm 27 and i'm very hurt by the way I have been treated in life because maybe one month when I was 18 I had pink hair. Couldn't get a job. I was always very kind to everybody. I had the attitude as if I had no reason to be rude or dislike someone if I did not take the chance to know them. I have used the term kill them with kindness also. For me it works. When someone is an *** to you....for example a co-worker, I smile, do what i'm told. In the end I believe they feel like an ***. I lived it! I've seen it! Do what you feel is right. Don't let anyone shake you!!!!!!!!!!!