Oh Man, Where Do I Start?? Xp

OK well, prepare for a laugh, I use to believe in such weird things.

Well, when I was a kid I use to believe that in the 'olden days' everything was black and white, cause of the black and white photos and movies I had seen. I use to believe that if I didn't play with my dolls they would hate me.
I use to believe that babies came from the woman's stomach..like her stomach would rip open or something .XD. Boy did my eyes widen when I found out where they really came from....ya..
Lets see... OH here is one that makes me feel soooooo stupid. I believed that all the 'kids' I saw on t.v shows and movies were actually small adults, I didn't know kids were allowed on t.v since acting is considered a 'job' 
I use to think a baby shower meant everyone gave the baby a shower. lol
I use to believe that the north pole was in the sky.
Chocolate milk comes from brown cows.
When I was 3 I thought the world would end in 2000. Hahaha you got my scientists..I hate you.

Oh and not to mention, Santa and his elves, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy who even though was tiny, could still lift my pillow up under my head.

Ah I miss being a kid.

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lol XD

One time when I was tiny I lost my tooth, and slipped it under my pillow. That night I got so exited over tooth fairies that I had dreams with fairies. xD<br />

Talk about believing something stupid, I used to be much more confident, and believe that I looked great. I used to believe that men were attracted to me because I was beautiful, or because they actually liked me. Then one day I overheard two men talking about me. One man said to the other, "She's not even beautiful! Why would you even be attracted to her?" His tone of voice implied that being attracted to me was like being attracted to a piece of dung. I glanced over out of the corner of my eye and they were both looking at me, and obviously didn't know I could hear them. The other man replied, "Because she's sexy!"<br />
<br />
Another day, thinking I looked pretty great, I walked into a grocery store, and a couple of smarmy executive types in suits were standing at the back of the store, staring at me. When I got closer, when I could hear them, one of them said to the other, "There's an "almost"."<br />
<br />
These are just two incidents, and I could recite more. I'm a pretty attractive woman, but not according to everyone, I guess. I was stupid enough to think I was better looking than I really am.

I also believed the world used to be black and white because old tv shows didn't have color...I thought i was the only one!! :)