Very Stupid & Funny Children's Belief

When I was a little kid my brother told me that spagetti grew like grass out of the ground that there were fields of it!! haha) I believed it for awhile!! Then when I realised it wasn't true I told my younger sister the same story & she believed it for awhile!! Lol, so funny.
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I used to think that if you swallowed gum it would stay in your stomach for 7 years before it digested .

And in first grade I believed that the principal had a spanking machine in his office if we misbehaved.

After I graduated first grade and moved up to second I became more enlightened. I did not believe in the spanking machine anymore but I believed that he had a paddle with holes in it to create less wind resistance.

Thankfully, I never had to go there to find out.

I use to think that words once said in a closed space (example in a car) the words stayed in the air. Once the door or window opened the words would fly out and everyone could hear what had been said in the enclosed space.

I used to believe I had to go pee everyday. Now I hold it for 40 hrs+.

Swallowing a pip from an apple and a tree will grow in your belly

I came home from school one day when I was about 7 and decided that I was a vegetarian. So my mom told me that I will lose my back molars because if you don't use them you lose them. I believed her for an embarrassingly long time

I thought that if you hit a fridge it will have bruises xD when I was little that's what my sister told me.....

That would be when i was small i swallowed a watermelon seed while eating watermelon but was scared to death that if i told anyone they gonna take me to doctor and hes gonna operate me orelse a tree was gonna grow in my tummy..

I thought the eye on the back of the dollar bill (above the pyramid) was the eye of God and that was how he kept an 'eye' on us and how we were behaving. I turned the dollar bill over and put if face down so he couldn't see me.

When I was 5 years old my brother and I were outside playing with several dogs. One of the dogs started humping my leg, and my brother said, "when a dog humps your leg you get pregnant and you're gonna have puppies!" I lost it and started screaming so hysterically I couldn't breathe. My mom was trying to console me, and when I told her I was going to have puppies, she had to turn away from me because she was laughing so hard! From that day on I was terified of becoming pregnant, and I guess it had a life-long effect because I never have had kids!

lol that's too funny! I saw a cartoon once where the characters grew to 100X their size, and they used a cement mixer for ice cream so I always thought that's what cement mixers were for!

well, the speghetti shape may not be born in the field, but where it actually comes from is wheat, and wheat is definently grown in a field. I am married to a wheat farmer and I have havested wheat.

Ok my son now 12 at Rhe age of 4 was seating in the back seat of the car , we were driving through country roads many farms , cows,<br />
There were brown cows and black and white ones, He asked mom are those all cows I said yes then he asked why are they different colors , not knowing the answer I thought I was gonna be cute so I said honey the black and white cows give white milk , the brown ones give chocolate milk, he paused seemed satisfied with the answer and out of nowhere popped up and said oh yeah I suppose we are gonna see some pink ones that give strawberry milk?! I felt like an *** but til this day I laugh at this ....., and ge will rub it in whenever he has strawberry quick !!!

I believed that the way you got pregnant was from kissing, an air bubble would pass from one mouth to the other and when you swallowed it it would make a baby lol. <br />
<br />
My mom also once told us that a little green man would come and throw up in our mouths every us bad breath, therefor insuring we brushed our teeth. LMAO

When I was little my parent's told me that when the ice cream van played music it was because they had run out of ice cream XD.<br />
<br />
The bad thing is i'm considering saying the same thing to my daughter when she's older haha.

When I was little there was this towel closet in my grandmothers bathroom. It was directly across from the toilet. The toilet was always very loud whenever you flushed it so I was always afraid to flush the toilet in my grandmothers house because I thought it would be so loud that the monster in the closet would hear it and then it would know that I was there and it would run out and get me. I hated that monster.

When I was little there was this towel closet in my grandmothers bathroom. It was directly across from the toilet. The toilet was always very loud whenever you flushed it so I was always afraid to flush the toilet in my grandmothers house because I thought it would be so loud that the monster in the closet would hear it and then it would know that I was there and it would run out and get me. I hated that monster.

Lol, love that thought. It could almost be true.

There was another film made that heralded the development of a plant that produced little plastic beads that could be melted into plastic products. One plant, it reported, could produce enough beads to make a one-gallon plastic milk jug! I think lots of people believed that was very convincing!

hello chellybelly<br />
<br />
i still smile at my silly mistakes as a child<br />
<br />
... one of them is<br />
<br />
i thought god's name was "ed" for years....because we had to say the lords prayer everyday in school.. "hallow'ed be thy name" sounded like "hello, ed be thy name" to me. so now, i am not a christian or moslem or jewish..... but i have this great friend ed.... he is always with me, guides me when i need guidance.... but also stands back and lets me make mistakes when i need to learn something new.<br />
<br />
<br />
thank you for helping me remember my childhood.<br />
<br />
with respect, from robbie<br />
<br />

Made me laugh but all I could think about was ed the talking horse. Do you remember that program?

hi robbie &amp; thanks

hahahahaha...... yup, i remember..... but my "ed" predates that "ed" ;-))

That was funny.

When in the toilet I though that a lift would crush me if ever the light would go off... Silly but true!

I saw this mentioned in other comments, but I'm not sifting through to see if anyone actually posted the link. This is the Youtube video of the BBC April Fool's Spaghetti footage:<br />
<br />

It says that the video is private, I can't watch it :/

i love you people......................................

My grandmother told me if I swallowed a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow in me. I believed it for at least a year or two. I think I wasn't swayed when I didn't get leaves growing out of my ears!

When I was younger I use to believe lions where outside because I watched animal planet once and the had shrubs like the ones by our house and I was scared of going outside for the longest time.

When I was little my brother told me that boogers formed whenever you smelt a fart and that you need to clean out your boogers otherwise you'd have everyone's farts inside your nose. My mother went along with the story...

is that why they call mince pies fly cemetaries??? my mum said thats wat was in them when i was young ,,i used to cringe when everyone ate them at christmas !!!!lol <br />
<br />
fly pie?? yeuk

*when a woman has her menstruation it was forever <br />
*when it rains it rains everywhere

Oh my how cute!! :D

I was told that if you worked hard and were honest you would be successful. Well that was a lie. nice guys finish last.

I used to believe that sharks lived in those pool vents... To be honest, I still swim aroung them.

When I was young my brother told me broccoli grew in ur stomach and would eventually come out ur nose didnt eat it for years

My sister convinced me that I was adopted- we do not look very much alike and even less alike as children. She said my mother chose me to look like her so one looked like daddy (her) and one like mama (me)...I was chosen for my cheeks I was told! lol...I believed this was our families deep dark secret till I was twelve, when mama found out- and showed me my birth certificate!! lol

My much older brother and sister used to terrorize me with this story. I was 4 and they were 11 and 13. They would tell me there were diamonds in our city sewer and it was my job to go down and get them. Since I could not read, they had this book with a list of names in it. They showed me the names and said all these people did not come back when they sent them down into the sewer. They were gonna make me go down there for them. I would go to bed shaking and crying. I would tell my mom and they would get in trouble for this. But it did't stop the nightly story. I really believed them for years.

When I was 4 or 5, my dad introduced me to his friend Mr. Rogers. Since he worked at a radio station and wore a sweater, I thought he was the Mr. Rogers on TV and that I has met a pretty special person.

My sister told me that I could not look up into trees because if a squirrel spit in your eye you would go blind. I was afraid to look up at trees for a long time.

i used to think clouds were made from smoke stacks

i was in primary school and my tummy was sore, I called my friends to tell that I'm pregnant, haha

I was born with a cowlick and my sisters told me that a cow came into my room when I was a baby and licked me.. and i actually believed them for years! until i finally asked my parents and they hysterically laughed in my face.

When I was a kid I heard that someone could win the Pulitzer Prize. To my young ear it sounded like it was some kind of surprise you could win. Only later did I learn that a pullet is a young chicken. That didn't clear things up much; who wants a prize paid in chickens?

I was about 6 or 7 when I ate a watermelon seed and my dad told me it would grow into a watermelon in my belly. I waited...terrified... for my belly to grow into the size of a pregnant woman's!

When I was about 6 or 7 I used to believe that little people lived inside our TV set and that angels lived in the sky. I also believed that a wedding ring was all a woman needed to get pregnant. Life was much simpler then. My biggest disappointment was when I couldn't see any angels dancing about on the clouds on my first plane trip.

When I was a child we lived in a house surrounded by fields, which naturally meant lots of bugs and such. My mother used to tell me that dragonflies would sew your mouth shut if they landed on you. To this day I cannot help but put a hand over my mouth and run when I see one. And I'm in my late 30's.<br />
<br />
She also used to hold up a phillips head screwdriver, and tell my siblings and I if we didnt mind she would unscrew our belly button which would make our arms and legs fall off, and then we wouldnt be able to run around like "heathens" not minding her. Ever looked at your belly button? To a child it looks EXACTLY like the shape on the end of a phillips head screwdriver. We believed her. She thinks this is hilarious to this day.

Whenever I eat oranges today, I am reminded how mom used to tell us that if we happened to swallow the seeds, an orange tree would grow inside our stomach. If we mistakenly swallowed, we used to be **** scared.

hahaha I believe the same thing about any kind of fruit or vegetable with seeds.. I would be worried sick everytime I happened to swallow a seed by mistake, could sworn I felt the damn tree growing for real in my belly.... parents.. they don't realize what they do to us ;)

i'm an only child. when i was 4 my cousins told me my parent's couldn't have children so they adopted me and that's why i was an only child. I believed them and didn't have the courage to ask my until I was 12.

sounds like something like that could do some damage... did it turn out that you were adopted or were they b.sing?

They were a farce however I was convinced I was adopted &amp; I wouldn't go to kindergarden because I didn't want to leave my mom. I wanted to stay home in case she &amp; my dad secretly planned to have me adopted again. I was terrified of being sent away. I had to be around them at all times. When I asked at 12 &amp; got the real truth my cousins got into BIG, BIG, TIME trouble because I had to go to therapy. I'm better now.

i bet, man thats crazy. and sad.

lol thats cute~! when we are little we are so innocent we believe almost everything they tell us . ..

When I was 6 or 7 my father told my sister and I not to look at the light from the tool used to solder or we would turn to salt. Then my sister looked at it and I screamed saying " I don't want a pile of salt as a sister don't look!!!" lol. yeah thanks dad.

ha thats great..

I thought I was related to the popular singer Rosemary Clooney. She sang on the children's show, "Captain Kangeroo," and she was Irish, like me, and she had the same sort of good-natured edginess my relatives had.<br />
<br />
I never told anyone, I just took it for granted. One summer, though, my parents were terribly excited, planning a (family) reunion. I didn't understand what was going on. All I heard was, "Reunion, reunion, reunion." My mother asked, "Why aren't you excited about the reunion?"<br />
<br />
I said, "What is a reunion?<br />
<br />
My mother said, "That's when relatives from all over the country come together for a party. You're going to meet some of your relatives for the first time!"<br />
<br />
I went out of my mind, shrieking, "I'm going to meet Rosemary Clooney!"

For decades in the south there was a chain of plant nurserys called: "Wolfe Nursery". One of the guys I work with told of seeing the signs soon after he learned to read and assumed that "Wolf Nursery" was a place that raised "baby wolves".......

when i was young, my brothers told me i had a snake in my throat and if i didnt feed it it would come up an choke me... aboutn the same time our science teacher told us about never to drink water out of anything but a faucet bcause if bacteria so u can imagine what kind of appetite i developed lol

I ran this on my cousin from Denmark. I think there is an old video documentary showing the harvest of pasta from trees<br />
<br />

I always believed that cats and dogs were the same species, with cats being female, and dogs being male. I only realised that you can get female dogs and male cats when I was about 12.<br />
<br />
I was also told once that the night sky, with the stars, is God's blanket with the light from his bedside lamp shining through the holes. As a kid I almost believed it, because God is in heaven, and heaven is in the sky - and you only need your bedside lamp on at night!

That's so weird, I used to believe the same exact thing about dogs and cats! Glad to see I wasn't the only one.

Many years ago, an advert selling tinned peaches featured a baby in the centre of a half opened peach.....Thats where I though babys came from!! :0)

As a young child i assumed that doctors switched on all the street lights at night to keep us safe.

I've always loved chocolate milk. When I was a kid I thought it came from brown cows.

thats so funny! this question is great...

LOL, oh my gosh, that's awesome!!! XD


when I was in elementary school we used to have this book about the human body. Well because it was a childrens book it was illustrated really nice and it also showed that there are tiny workers inside the body to do everything a human body needs ( pump the blood, fight against the bacteria, etc..) and I really believed it

thats beyond hilarious..

I believed if we moved down by the ocean (West Coast) that Godzilla or the Giant Behemoth was just laying there in wake to terrorize me. (Too many Sci-Fi movies as a youngster and school bullies as well.)

my mother told me that holding frogs,toads or egg shells gave you warty hands lol i never touched any of them till i was about 11 lol silly old wives tales hahaha

yeah i think that ones true...

just did a spot of research and this is what i found on national geographic :
"Warts are caused by a human virus, not frogs or toads," says dermatologist Jerry Litt. But the wartlike bumps behind a toad's ears can be dangerous. These parotoid glands contain a nasty poison that irritates the mouths of some predators and often the skin of humans. So toads may not cause warts, but they can cause other nasties. It's best not to handle these critters.
the eggshell one is bunkam too. seeing as the warts are caused by a human virus :)

First, I've to share that I'm from California. While visiting my grandparents one Summer in Texas, my grandmother noticed how much time I spent near the air conditioner. They went shopping one day and I opted to stay behind, you know, to hang out near the air conditoner. So, just before they left, my grandmother turned the AC down to 70*F and told me, "When there are no adults around, ghosts use the AC to quickly and easily enter and exit the house, like an automatic door that almost sucks them in."<br />
<br />
What a MIND JOB!!! God Bless Granny's Little Heart.

Every year, we used to go to the great smoky mountains for vacation in the summer. For anyone who's been there, they'll probably remember the signs that says, "Watch For Falling Rocks".<br />
<br />
I asked my dad what it meant and he told me, "Falling Rocks was an Indian Princess. The legend is that she ran off and that she's still somewhere lost in the woods. The signs are a reminder to drivers to keep an eye out for her."<br />
<br />
To this day, I don't know if my Dad was messing with me or trying to spare me the thought of a boulder crushing our car.<br />
<br />
I went back to the Smoky's when I was 22ish with my fiance. As we drove through the mountains, I saw the sign and realized the stupidity. "Son of a *****!" I yelled. I couldn't believe that I'd held onto that belief for 15 years. There's some things that our parents tell us that we just latch onto, I guess. :)<br />
<br />
Can't wait to mess with my kid!

your dad's so creative!

My mother used to always by tapioca pudding and keep it stocked in the fridge. To keep my brother from eating it she told us it was fish eye pudding...However it wasn't until later in life my brother and i dared each other to it eat and then realized it was tapioca pudding and we both loved it! Now we tell the same story to keep our own kids away from it.lolol

When I was 5 or 6, I thought that honey was made by squishing bees and extracting the honey from their lifeless bodies.

from their lifeless bodies... thats hilarious!

eewwwww thats horrible =p

well honey is bee vomit. they suck up pollen and mix it in their stomach to them vomit it back into a yummy think sticky paste. I no longer eat it because i dont believe in enslavement and theft :P

@weareone ROFL haha

HAHAHA, this made me crack up! So funny and cute!


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When I was small, for some reason I was under the impression that Santa's Grotto was in fact called Santa's Ghetto. This embarrassed my parents on several occasions...

When I was about 8 or 9 an older guy (guessing he was about 13, maybe 14 at the time) described to me what acne was. Little bumps on your face, and if you squeezed them, sort of a little white worm came out of them. Until I got acne myself, I believed actual worms came out of your face...

Ew... lol



haha gross!

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I apologise for the repetition of my comment. Don't know why this happened.

Great topic for stories!! My friend and I were in second grade gymn class (or health class) and I told her I was shocked about what the film was hinting at because I thought babies came out of your belly button. She laughed and punched me in the shoulder saying, "You dummy! Everybody knows babies come out of you BUTT!!" I wasn't as horrified at the potential pain of that version as I was at the thought that we passed through a channel full of poop! ha hahaha

When I was 4 I thought that clouds were made of fairy floss (cotton candy). I imagined elevating into these delicious clouds and eating my way into the blue bits (the sky), billowing and bouncing on a pink and white fluffy bed of unrestrained fun. I ran to the house next door to tell my friend about it and we both believed it.

See the film clip on youtube of spaghetti being harvested!<br />

Boo! The video has been blocked in the USA for copyright reasons.

My nana always swore blind that spaghetti was grown in fields, no one could convince her that it was not! Many many years later it turned out that a film was made by the BBC as an April fools joke showing spaghetti being harvested. She had seen this film and had thought it was real.

LOL this is the greatest thing ever