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Where Does Milk Come From

When I was little I use to believe that.....

White milk came from white cows
Chocolate milk came from brown cows
And you could get both from a spotted cow

It made sense at the time!!!
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 20 Responses Apr 14, 2011

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That reminds me of the story about inner city kids who think milk only comes from a carton. They have no concept about cows.

I was going to say the same thing about the cows and the milk. lol

Like Peter Pan. If you believe. You can fly. I flew right off of the back of the couch and onto a very hard cement floor. I guess I did not believe hard enough. That was a hard way for a young child to learn that what you see on TV is not always true.......

And that holds true even today !

Well I still look outside on Dec24.

For? :)

My clone in the red suit bring something down my chimney FOR ME.

LOL..Ok :)

What are you saying? That is not really like that?

I know imagine my surprise when I found out..Shocking I tell you!!

I don't know what to say. My world has fallen apart!

I know just sit back and let it sink was a devastating discovery.

Next you'll be telling me spaghetti doesn't come from trees!

Sadly I hate to be the one to tell you since we just met but it doesn't!!

Stop! Keep revealing these things and the Easter bunny won't visit you!

Yay about that he's not real either and I might as well let you know neither is Santa clause..:(

The world has ended as I know it! How on earth did you learn all this stuff?

Sadly the world can be cruel I learned young..

I didn't even know that sexxydivas were funny

Sexxydivas' are everything..*wink* don't ever forget it!!

Thats the most important lesson of the day

I see you learn quickly :)

I have a good teacher

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Ahh, bet chocolate milk is the best :)

Makes sense. Sadly, as you've probably figured out, that's not how it works.

Well I was five,so I figured out long ago that wasn't how it works :)

Still, I probably used to believe the same thing when I was 3. I wouldn't know because I don't remember much that far back in my life.

:)<br />
It would seem so.

You know what? I believed the same thing when I was little :)

Well as I stated it made sense at the time..:) See great minds think a like..:)

I thought of it in a different way as I grew up on a ranch.....white milk came from white women....chocolate milk came from black women .............strawberry milk came fro redheaded know after tasting each one I wasn't to far

Well obviously I was a really deep

I don't really remember the radios that look like cabinets..My daughter thought people were in our tv when she was little and always lokked behind the tv to see how they get in there :-)

wWhen I was about 3 yrs old, I thought that there was a really small persom inside my dad's radio! Can you remember the ones which looked like a cabinet?

Wolf I'm pretty sure that's not the cooties they were talking :-)

But then you found out that girls did have cooties but they were the best kind of cooties and you wanted all you could get. but now the girls didn't want to share their cooties with you as much. Women! :-)

That girls really had cooties, when all along it was us guys!

and i believed that when women drink milk and some of them get stored in there breasts)))

Well like I said I was only like 4 or 5...It made

Hey what was I like