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Italy,aliens and big Massive Eagles

I'm not good with geography of the earth so up until recently not that long ago actually I was convinced... I knew Italy was in the middle of America and the UK... you know in that little bit of ocean. I had a dream where I went to Italy aswell and it was in that bit of ocean and then to my disappointment I realised I was totally wrong there is actually nothing there :( I really don't know why I thought this, nobody told me I just made it up. 

(Yes I did mark the spot where I thought Italy was)

The next one is a bit embarassing but I still kind of believe it. Growing up I was sort of facinated by aliens they freaked me out but they fascinated me, my brother loved them he had books on them and looked stuff up about them and then he goes to me one day that Aliens come at 3am scratching on your windows and scared me and to this day I need to be in bed and asleep by 3am, I feel silly :P
When I was younger my dad told me that when it thundered it was a massive eagle beating it's wings in the sky and that freaked me out too just the thought of a massive eagle in the sky it scared me lol, that didn't last long though as I kept an eye out for massive eagles but didn't see any hahahaha 
RHSK143 RHSK143 26-30, F Apr 20, 2011

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