I Was Mistaken?

lesbians come from lezie land.

When I was little I couldn't understand the meaning of gay. My auntie had just come out as being that way and had a girlfriend. Somebody tried to explain to me that she was a lesbian but I just didn't get it. At school we had been learning about people from other countries, Canadians, Norwegians... the 'ian' part showing that they were from that country... so I put 2 and 2 together and got 5. I thought they came from a different country. Sexuality means nothing to a 4yr old. xD
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the goverment will take care of the vets right they got the first cuts when you have more coming home with problems

Aww that's so cute! When my daughter was 3 and always wanted more then she needed we would say, no you cant have that its "too much". So when ever we went out to eat at fast food or ice cream place and they asked her what she wanted she would say i want "too much" it was so cute!

I second that LOOOOOOOOOL