Santa Claus

I remember when I was about 8 or 9 years old.  I was told to go to bed, and my cousins (the twins) Holly & Anna didn't want to sleep.  I was so excited and started talking to them about why we needed to go to bed.  I pleaded with them and then I threatened them about Santa's not coming if we don't go to bed!  My cousins were laughing and teasing me about what a big baby I was. 

They told me, "There's no Santa Claus!  You're parents have been lying to you."  I told them no and the proof was last year when I got presents from and the tag said Santa.  My cousins, who were both older said, "Irene, your mom and dad are the ones who buy you the presents and put them under the tree!"  I swore up and down and so they dared me to stay up and watch what happened that night.  So I did, and I saw my dad putting together a bike and put it near the tree.

Oh damn!
IntuitiveOne IntuitiveOne
41-45, F
May 8, 2011