Mom Never Did Explain To Me Where Babies Came From...

I am not sure how old I was, just that I was a very young child. My mother took all of us to the movie theater to see the new movie, "Hawaii". It was a real big deal then for us because we live in Hawaii. Born and raised here. Part of the movie was about a young couple who fell in love. Got married. Next thing I knew they had a baby. I immediately asked my mother out loud, "How did that happen?". Evidently mom was embarrassed because I asked my question pretty out loud and people around us began to laugh. Mom just told me, "Shh-hush, I will explain it to you later." She never did.

Several years went by and I was out playing with my best friend in her front yard. I was depressed and confided in her a big secret. I told her I dont know how to tell my mother this. I was thinking that I had cancer and was dying. My friend asked why I thought I was dying. I told her that a couple of days ago I started bleeding for no reason and that it hurts inside. I got a bit startled when my friend burst out in laughter. I asked her how could she laugh at a time like this. She saw I was serious and asked me, "Dont you know what a period is?" "What period?" I asked confused, "What are you talking about? I just told you I am dying." She replied, "I think you better talk to your mom." My friend asked, "Dont you know where babies come from?" I said, "Yah I know. When we grow up, we fall in love with someone. Get married and then the baby comes." "Yes but how did the baby come?" asked my friend. I got a little confused. I said, "It just happens automatically." My girlfriend rolled over on the grass laughing some more. Then she began to explain to me about the birds and the bees. Where did that phrase come from anyway? What do birds have to do with bees? Anyway, I got a bit freaked out. Absolutely appalled I told her, "That is just gross!" I refused to believe her. We went inside for lunch and she told my secret to her mother! She also told her mother to go ahead and ask me where I thought babies came from. I punched her arm for telling. Her mother asked me and I told her, "Its automatic. When you get married God gives you a baby." She smiled laughing a little, "Yes, but how do you think the baby came? Do you think a stork brings it?" Frustrated I said, "Yah, whatever. The stork brings the baby. So? Is she telling me the truth? How babies are made." Her mother said, "Yes. I think you should talk to your mother about this."

WHY? Oh WHY? DID MY MOTHER NOT TELL ME ALL THIS?! Still grossed out that night I brought up my secret with mom. I am dying I told her. Then of course she asked why and I explained what was happening to me and she said, "Oh." She walked away. THATS IT? I thought to myself. She just says, "Oh." A few minutes later mom came back with a small thin pamphlet. She said, "Here. Read this." and she walked away again. Well, there it was. In black and white. It was all true. I went to my mother and said, "So if I understand this correctly. This period thing lasts forever? For the rest of my life? Every month? Thats just not fair. What do boys get every month?" She said softly and looked down, "They go to war." I dropped the subject immediately and stopped complaining. I understood that look on her face from before. Mom had told this story many times. Mom grew up during the war days when Pearl Harbor was bombed. She was Japanese and life was not easy then for the Japanese Americans. She lost her oldest brother in the war. He was 18 years old and was shot and killed in Italy. Grandfather was in disbelief at first. When his oldest son looked through the binoculars and confirmed the red sun on a plane flying in the sky. Grandfather was so disappointed in the Emperor of Japan who had once honored Grandfather with a medal for teaching the martial art of Judo in Hawaii. "How could they do this to us? We are Japanese here too.", he said.

So I did not have cancer. I was not dying. I was faced to live with a curse each month for life. Also, I certainly was never going to have sex ever. No way. My childhood dreams of getting married and having children were dashed.

By the way, years later as an adult, I told this story to my older sister. When I got to the part where I talked to mom, my sister interrupted me and asked with a grin on her face, "Did mom give you that pamphlet to read too?"
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LOL. So great know I was not the only one. :-)