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Anchors Away

i'm gonna cheat a little here,and tell of something dumb my brother once believed.i've already "weighed in" with one of my own silly belief stories and "spect that this won't be the last you'll hear from me.excommunicate me if you must delete me if you can mom would almost always explain the world to us forthrightly and answer our questions equally candidly albeit in terms equal to our abillity to understand. but sometimes her whimsical side got the best of her.. whenever we scraped our knees and she had to apply iodine (ouch), she would explain that the pain was due to the "good germs" battling the "bad" germs.than she would bandage us, painting a small iodine anchor tatoo  on our arms and send us on our way.good deal,if you think about it-the sting of the cut was just the body's cavalry putting the pesky "bad       germs to flight.cut to.......a family gathering manny years later.mybrother Tom,now a grown man  with kids of his own is there when somehow the subject of cuts and bruises comes up.maybe one of his kids fell,i don't recall' but(i bet you know where this is going) normally a somewhat sophisticated type blurts out,"thats just the good germs battling the bad germs".the whole group s  necks swiveled inunison-hes quite capable of putting people,not this mother summedit up best.What kind of idiot children have i raised!?,she muttered.than she explained it to poor Tom.she was pretty good at  that kind of thing,as i mentioned before
bookerdana bookerdana 51-55, M 10 Responses Dec 18, 2011

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Oh dear! Lol.

Why "oh,dear?"

I can't remember my chain of thought now that made me go oh dear!

Perfectly understandable,you make a lot more comments than the average dude!

Oh dear,now I'm curious and I'll never know!

Hahahaha! :)

It's true..if you ever see me acting "dense", its totally genetic and not my fault!

Hhaha.....That is actually on my profile when you click on that "more" button at the top, you can see it. It says something like "sorry about's hereditary and totally not my fault." ;)

I know, I knew I was going to steal,oops use that someday! This seemed ideal!

*Gasp!!* You stole my line! You Plagiarist! Hey, I really thought that "plagiarist" would not be a real word and that my computer would slap my wrist red for it, but nope...must be a real word. ;)

It is INDEED a word,but I didn't think it was spelled that way,goo figure! If they ever make another of those folksy lawyer shows,they should base it on you....

Or any troll slaying movies, too. ;P

You're just versatile,s'all it is!

Versatile, but not flexible...I found that out during today's workout O.o

You'll adjust.....I mean if I wasn't flexible in 7th grade,but man that smarted

Haha...yeah I'll be flexible and lots of other stuff. My son was doing the same workout yesterday and he was straining through it and I sad "Don't give up! You're gonna look so good when you go back to school!" He looked up at me and just said "....or dead!" lol Just like his mommy, for sure!

Dead doesn't look good,that I can tell you

Yeah, it don't at all.

Thats confusing,like yes we have no bananas!

I don't have any bananas...or whackers or nothing.

With that avatar??? Hmmmm

I gotz weeners, that's all

Have you ever thought of running for office, a good submissive woman,a Vampire slayer and shes gotz weeners....Ska-Mo

Nah...unless I could walk for it....I might would walk....too hard to run these days.

"a shoo-in"

Shoo-in? No, no...I always shoo the flies OUT...not in!

And better hair than Trump!

Huh? O.O

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I think I know what I'm going to tell my kids next time they scrape their knee :p

Yeah,maybe my mother should have left him in the dark,germwise...its not an awful thing to believe in,this germ warfare!

My mum told me that! And I like it.
In support of this is a process which results in the death of pathogens! Although Iodine is not a 'germ', I still think it's a battle between good and evil!

Me,Too! Armeggedon in the microbe world..I think the moms of this world have a "union" !

...folk wisdom

these moms have got their own underground !

Sounds like a great mom.

Thank you,very much..she was and we had a very happy family life.

as that smothers brother used to say,MOM ALWAYS LIKED TOM BETTER! ;)

That Tom......he was always "special" ...... And this story just adds to what you have already shared about your mom. Do you know how fortunate you boys were, Book? Your MOM's magic worked miracles ..... And you are the evidence. Fine person, you are. Good friend, too. Oxo, kath

Thank you for your very "dear comments",and yes,I do understand how fortunate I was.AM.I would like to write about my dad,but this kinda wrote itself one day.You are a great person and friend,so it makes your observations that much more appreciated.

yes sounds like your mom had a good imagination. lucky you.

Ha! Aren't moms always right? Just goes to show u how much influence that powerful woman has over her kids. Cute story! I love your writing and moms comment at the end made me smile. U may inform your mother that she only raised your brother as an idiot..somehow u truned out ok. (Generally its the kid that gets dropped as a child is the one that's not capable of believing everything they hear...she must have dropped u a couple times. Thank goodness!)

I always love your answers and your unique way of expressing yourself. Thanks.

I like her explaination.Smart Mom. :I Thank you for sharing.