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When I was three or four years old, I use to watch WWE (wrestling), which was formerly known as the WWF. My favorite wrestler at the time was The Undertaker. In the early stages of his career, The Undertaker was very pale in appearance and had long curly red hair. His attire consisted of a tall rim black hat and a long black trench coat.
Now that I got that out the way, here is where my perception was skewed. I live in a city where many cultural demographics reside. I remember a time where I was on the city bus with my mother and we drove through a neighborhood that was predominately Jewish. The Jews that lived in that region of the neighborhood were Hasidic Orthodox. As I looked out the window of the city bus, I took notice of their appearance. They were pale-skin with curly reddish-brown hair, and they wore tall rim black hats and long black trench coats. Now you see where I am going with this, eh? When I really young, and I mean REALLY YOUNG, I correlated that all male Hasidic Orthodox Jews were Undertakers due to the similar appearance and countenance as well (very stern expressions).
I never asked anyone about Jewish people, I just held the assumption that they were all undertakers. My misconception was cleared up when I was in the second grade. A male Hasidic Orthodox substitute teacher came to my class. The inquisitive peers in my class began to ask him about his appearance. He then kindly explained to us about his religion and culture. I raised my hand and commented about my misconception of believing that they were all undertakers. His face became delighted and told me I made a very good observation.
In my opinion, that was the most stupidest thing I ever believed in for several years in my young life.
VigilantC VigilantC 22-25, F 2 Responses Apr 20, 2012

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That is the funniest thing I've ever heard. I swear that when I was reading this I had no idea how jews and WWE matched up until u clarified that. That is the sweetest thing a 4 year old could ever think of ^_^

Your perception at that age in my opinion was age appropriate, please don't be so hard on yourself...

Ah, thank you. Although it was an appropriate assumption at my age level, that was the only story I could recall actually believing in something stupid. I find the story quite humorous now at my age.