Fantasy Becoming Reality

Ok this is silly, but I guess when you are a kid you are willing to believe in things, because you want theme to be real. I have always liked mermaids. That movie splash gave me hope that I could have that beautiful tail. I heard a few stories about mermaids and some people that I knew said that they were real. So when my stepsisters came from Haiti and learned english I asked them, since Haiti was suppose to have magic and stuff. I told them how I wanted to be a mermaid. They told me to stay in the tub for a long time and to fill it with salt. I was so excited, I couldnt wait to see what my tail would look like. I was in the tub of salt water for over an hour. Nothing happened and I told them that it was not working, that is when they told me that they made it up. So yes I believed in mermaids and that I could be one, still fascinated by the idea, although I would probably get eaten by a shark or something.
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

I just seen this thing last week where this mom made her daughtes tail and they swim I think at some school. It looked so cool but I heard those tails are very expensive.

I use to think that when I was younger then I realized that it may not be such a good idea. I'd prob get eaten by a shark. But thanks they are beautiful. When I got my first computer before all the viruses. I collected all these cool Fairy and mermaid pic they were so lovely. I will do it again just not as easy as when I was younger.