The Nuance Of I Love You

I remember the first time I heard the words I Love You. What total intoxication. It was such a rushing high surrounded by a warm confident glow. I was loved. I had someone in the world thinking about me as much as I did him. Three weeks later we were broken up, his doing. Not mine. But... but?? I thought you loved me? How can you possibly be breaking up with me when you just said you love me?? I couldn't think straight. I was crushed, perplexed. All I could think of was what happened?
For some time after, I was leery of going into a steady relationship. I avoided being with someone for too long. And then it occurred to me. What if love isn't one size fits all? What if the way I feel love isn't the way you feel love? It seems so obvious now, that some people say I love you when they don't, and more complicatedly, that we do not all share the same ideal of what love is, so even when someone does say they love you, they may have a much "deeper" or more "shallow" sense of love than you. Reflecting on it now, it was stupid to think that we all loved on the same level. I am much happier armed with said knew knowledge.
EspieAngel EspieAngel
May 19, 2012