When I was little, and before I actually met one, I thought that those haystacks sitting in fields and on farms were cows.
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This reminds me of how my mom told my brothers and sister and I that cows had two legs shorter than the others to stand on hills and mountains. My sister believed it for quite a while. She's like 6 or 7 more years older than me. One day my parents were talking about it, and she still believed it. So I created a fake webpage of random *** facts and then threw in the thing about the cows. And she got all worked up saying "see I told you".

That's okay, you know those big hay bales wrapped in white plastic out in those same fields? My friend's daughter thought they were giant marshmallows growing out there and that this was a marshmallow farm.


When I was four I thought priests played dolls because they had such a lovely doll's house in the church (the confessional).

I thought that "professional" wrestling was real...and then I turned 12!

That's OK, I thought they were little houses the farm animmals lived in. :)

at one time i believed that you can get warts from toads.

Yeah. So did I. My mom would rub it with a piece of steak and then bury the steak in the back yard, and when the steak rotted away, the wart would be gone. I think that was just her way of making me stop picking at it.