Common, But Cruel

As a kid I was literally on of those that prayed to hold off the Apocalypse. Yes, the lessons I learned from my parents deciding to attend my aunts baptist church was that the end of the world was literally upon us. Why do they teach this stuff to kids. It was terrifying and cruel. And that makes no mention of the creepy lady than ran the kids Sunday school while the adults listened to the sermon upstairs. who tells little kids they are going to hell in an explanation of the sacrament. I have no recollection of fearing anything about church before going there. In fact, it was nice to go to the Salvation Army church that my grandmother took us to. There was family and even if I didn't really understand I was happy to be there with the family. There were churches who doctrines I disagreed with more so to come, but I'll always remember that very successful church as being one of the least effective conveyors of faith.
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Organized Religion ,is like Organized Crime. They Make you Afraid ,and then offer to Protect you .For a Price. Come to Church and put money in the collection every Sunday,and everything will be alright.

many churches are like that.. but many are also earnest. While I don't believe much of the stuff I swallowed from various churches as a child, I do know that some of the churches were pretty earnest and not money making ventures

That is why I said "Organized Religion" this is the Large,money making religious organizations,the Biggest most well known Religions, They are BILLION dollar organizations. God has Nothing to do with "Money" :)

small churches are organized religion too... Their basis is usually the same books... unless you join a cult.... which is ok too if thier goals match yours. Personally I still donate to the salvation army, even though I disagree with their religion, I agree with some of thier deeds. I agree most powerful religions have been corrupted by that and much more... but I don't think it has to be that way.

It has been that way since Churches were first Invented.

lots of things previously seen as "normal" have been improved structures are alterable and generally change with the times... churches will eventually have to do the same... we've already seen many movements in that direction

Do you actually LIVE in today's World ? Are you aware of HISTORY. NOTHING has CHANGED. Humanity is still making the SAME Mistakes, as 2000 years ago,this is not Opinion it is History.

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It's important to separate the teaching from those that teach. Some are better than others, and none are perfect. Except for the One.

in this specific example..both were wrong...But I agree that how good the information is isn't directly tied to how good a person is.

The apostle Paul thought he was living in the end times, too. Go figure. I know how you feel. I was raised Catholic and in the 1950s the Catholic school I attended taught us that only Catholics would go to heaven, the Protestants didn't have a chance. I'm not a Catholic anymore.

It's all a giant hoax to extort money...It'll be Ok

This was when I was a little kid. It has little real impact once one is exposed to the wider world as an adult.

Though the 'apocolypse' is coming, it's not as bad as some churches make it. Simply put, if you're saved, you simply go to heaven. No pain or suffering. If you aren't, then for 7 years you suffer under evil rule. Then god comes back and if you're a believer, then God spares you. If you still don't believe, then God casts you aside.

The revelation was predicted 2000 yrs ago. There has never been any proof it's upon us. The bible says that you can't know. Also, you should consider reading that book again because what you are saying about what will happen is not how it's written in the bible.