Why Sudden Change....can Things Be Told In Better Way..

It all started 4 years ago..I came to know this guy thru my frnd..We were students in colleges then and started dating..We had met many times until we got jobs and shifted to different cities..My friends had told me that this guy already had a girlfriend before we met..Wen I asked him abt it He said that he had and now there was no relation between them..I trusted him.But he never fully tell me about his past.At that time I didnt care too coz he was with me.We had been intimate only three times over a period of two year of our relation..I had cherished those moments and each of those i spent with him..We never talked about commitment..From my side i thought we were in college at that time..Wen we shifted for jobs again this issue of commitment was raised and he gave me a positive response though I came to know that his family wud never accept me but still he gave me hope..We needed time to settle down and shift to same city..Meanwhile we had long distance relationship..we talked on phone..Now it so happened that he bought a laptop few days ago and enthusiastically contacted me to chat with him..We talked online few times then one night he started asking me about the intimate relation we shared..I told him that he already knew wat had happened but he insisted that i shud tell him everything..so I told him wat had happened recounting every detail..At the end of chat he told that he already has a girlfriend and his family is ready for their marriage..I was shocked to hear this coz he had denied all the relation eith that girl in past wen i had asked him..I fell foolish of believing him..After some time he replied that he was joking
I grew suspicious.. that made me upset too so I asked him wat the matter really was and how can he forget??I tried calling him but he didnt answer my call..I mailed him and msged him too but no response..Then 2-3days later he met me online and we tlkd..it was nt voice and video call but simple chatting..He asked me why I was lying about all the intimate things??He said that he didnt even touch me and had no relation with me..I swear I didnt lie anything because those moments cannot be lied about..I was shocked to hear him deny all this..
I really didnt understand wat had happened why he behaved like that all of sudden denying everything..Then he called me in evening and started fighting with me denying everything and asking me not to call him again ever..This has left me feeling really foolish for believing him..i m also feeling angry on him about how he behaved..He should have been honest and should have told me but he didnt..now am confused wat has happened all of sudden..Has his ex girlfriend really returned??
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It's not necessary that his ex is back. He might be an all time flirt, which looks like from the manner of breaking up. He might have got another girl; a new girl or may be he actually wants to settle down and get married to some girl his parents brought. Probably denying everything was a clear hint that you must not ever confront him for all this because he will deny and you'll make a fool of yourself publically.<br />
A personal advice will be to try to forget it, delete him from your life like he did and thats what he wants. Move on. He might harm you in some way if you tried to confront him or get on his nerves in any way.