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What has hurt me the most, is the car accident that I have been in....It hurt me so bad, that it has changed my life....It has made my life change 100%. I lost so much in a matter of one night. That night, I lost a child, I lost my best friend, and I Lost myself. I was hit by a drunk driver, which caused me to miscarry. I lost my friend, who died in the car accident, and I lost my soul, which killed part of me. I lost so much that one night. That is what has hurt me the most....

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I luv you Aly and I understand more than ever how a split second can change so much.<br />
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I'm sorry but I was unaware that you lost a friend and a child as well. *Very big Hugz*<br />
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It makes me feel selfish carrying on about my own car crash which was very minor by any comparison to your loss.<br />
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I pray that the love that fills your heart from your fiancee and the life you build together will help heal your pain and give you much to live for.<br />
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I am religious as you know, and I am very firm in my belief that your baby is home and safe in the arms of our Heavenly Father. Your friend is surrounded by love and is being given (even now they are dead) the opportunity to get to know Jesus. That ia the way it is for everyone regardless of their beliefs.<br />
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The only exceptions to this is murder and suicide<br />
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I am here for you Aly, anytime you want to talk<br />
<br />
Hugz<br />

WOW! That's huge! I am sooo sorry that happened to you. You lost soo very much in one are very courageous to continue with your life after all of that!