I Know What Points Are Good For...

I received this email from emerald:

"Hey, girl. Just found out from Project that points are used as a tracking device on person's participation. It's not used for much else right now, but they said to submit any suggestions on use of this too. Eventually it may become personal statis like a newby, veteran,ect. Hope this helped."

So now I started the group "I have an idea what to do with points" If you also have ideas, leave them there!


Love Linda


linda linda
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3 Responses Oct 24, 2006

Will EP allow Members to give some of their Tokens to someone else? My friends have more than enough tokens, but giving some tokens to others who are new here sounds like a great idea. I sure could use some. Maybe the points could be used to buy tokens. Thank You.

Thanx Linda I was really wondering what the points where for.

I just got points for posting my 50th EP Comment. Not sure how many, but I got a Trophy for it.

Maybe the points can be used to buy tokens for other EPers. I recently read that at one time, EP allowed Members to give some of their Tokens to someone else. I have more than enough tokens, so giving some of mine to someone who didn't have enough or any ---- sounded like a most excellent idea. EP should bring this back. I know I can buy Tokens for someone else, BUT my wife & I only get Social Security, and we cannot afford to being doing so.

Thanx for creating this Group. I found it when I typed in the EP search block "What can I do with my points?" and it immediately showed your Group.

Appreciatively, Heathland {;-{)>
P.S. I also joined this group. I'm an EP Volunteer who Whiteboards a "Welcome Aboard _________ (I fill in the name of a new EP Member. I try to help the newcomers as much as possible & I also belong to several groups that try to improve EP.

Thanx for the introduction, Linda!lol

So few people say thanks now-a-days. Thank You.