I Was Well Paid To Cross Dress

Actually, I don't cross dress beyond my passion for satin panties.

I did cross dress regularly between the ages of 10 and 14 as a professional child model with a local agency. Read some of my 55 plus adventures as a "duel gender" child model and actor posted here on EP.

Here's a little background:

My Life as a Young Boy
(Read my 50 plus 'ventures on EP under I LOVED DRESSING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL, and follow me through my wonderful world as a young boy.)    

     About age six I began a career as a child model, modeling for a local agency with many national accounts. My mom was a licensed agent in this state and because of her own notoriety; she was able to keep me working regularly at the local and national levels.
     By age seven I’d become a regular fixture on a local TV show helping to sell products and had established quite a portfolio placing me in demand, especially when a very pretty little boy was desired. Adding to my “fame” was being discovered by a nationally famous movie actor who fell in love with me, and whenever he came into town to film a commercial for a food product manufacturer, he insisted that I be in that commercial also.
     Just before my 10th birthday while on the set at a national account that sold among other things, children’s clothing, it seems that a little girl model didn’t show and well, the agency rep asked my mom if I would stand in for her since I was certainly pretty enough to be a little girl. Mom consulted with me and despite my objections decided that I’d love to take that little girl’s place.
     That day opened up a whole new adventure in my young life and by the age of eleven I’d modeled more dainty little panties, slips, petticoats, dresses and all other manner of little girls’ clothing more than I modeled boys stuff. Course, I wasn’t alone as the agency that I was under contract to actually had about eight other young boys who also modeled as a little girl, and we was in demand, even forming our own exclusive club at L & L, which Logan Reynolds, (our unofficial leader ‘cus, well, he had more seniority at the agency which his uncle was a partner), named “The Blue Princesses Club”. We'd always show up at assignments wearing our blue baseball caps. Course, the Dressers hated our hat hair but hey. And yes, we all hair somewhat long hair that could be styled or have a fall clipped onto it.
     My modeling activities by and large were kept pretty quiet ‘cept for the immediate family, meaning my mom and agent, my much older brother, and that jerk who claimed to be my father, but wasn’t, trust me! Oh! The Catholic grade school I attended found out ‘cus I was being taken out of school on a regular basis to work assignment. The Church’s Pastor approved these releases ‘cus my mom was making rather nice donations to the church. It was Sister Mary Margaret, the Principal, who became upset with my modeling. She just about ate her black habit when she found out that I was also modeling girls’ clothes, even little girls’ panties. That just seemed so wrong in her perverted mind. She of course kinda leaked what I was doing and soon I was the School Sissy Boy and to her dismay, instant hero and boy god to most of the other kids. That was because they hoped that I’d get them modeling jobs. Naturally, the boy

     Jockstrapers had a problem with me modeling little girls’ undies and dresses, but fortunately for me, most of the 7th and 8th grade boys thought I was a pretty neat widdle kid. Hey! I was extremely popular with just about every girl in my school and that further pissed off the Nun.
     The down side was my playing on the school’s baseball team days were over since the coach didn’t “allow sissy little girls” on his team. That was ok ‘cus, well, I was off to Chicago most Saturdays modeling, and had even managed to convinced my agent to also represent my best friend forever, a classmate I’d nicknamed “Fraky”. Don’t remember why I named him that but it stuck even to this day.
     The upside was that my agent, (mom), encouraged me and Fraky to practice being sissy, dainty, proper little girls to insure more modeling, thus more money for the old collage fund. Just about every day after school Fraky and me would race home undressing on the way so that by the time we reached my house, we was just about down to our ugly boy undies. I had a really good supply of very pretty satin panties, slips, and dresses that mom had made for me, enough to share with Fraky. We called our dressing up activity, “playing little girls” and mom loved it. That jerk, who claimed to be my father, just snorted and call us nasty names. My older brother just thought that we was 2 really weird little boys as he was leaving to stay with his friends.
     Between the ages of about 10 and 14 Fraky and me continued to play little girls whenever we could, and I continued to model both genders, but as I approach 14 the assignments to model as a girl became few and far between.  Fraky never really made it as a model, ‘cus, gosh, he just wasn’t a pretty as me.
     During these years I enjoyed many adventures and loved every minute on my modeling and acting activities, but there was some painful times also that have played a major role in my rejecting the Catholic faith, one specifically, the week in the 5th grade when I had to attend school every day for a week dressed like a very sissy little girl for “teasing” a little girl in my class.
    Over the years I have researched the idea of young boys wearing girls’ clothing both by choice and by force, and have created more than 1000 pictures of “sissy dressed boys”, some funny, some sad, some happy and cute, some real, some “Photoshopped”, but NONE sexual or pornographic, because my experiences were never sexual or pornographic. I did have an uncle who often took some “interesting” pictures of me which he called, "Figure Studies".
    My only anger is directed at that Catholic Nun who sought to deliberately hurt me and my mom. I am also a bit angry with those who sit in judgement of boys “playing little girls” by choice.  I grew up to be totally straight and married to the same wonderful lady for 40 years until her death. We raised a great family and I enjoy grandchildren and a very special Godson adopted by 2 gay moms when the saintly religious people threw him away and didn’t want him.
     I do believe strongly that this world is changing and the day is near when women will be the “men” and “men” will be the women and find themselves 2nd or 3rd class citizens as we males have so dominated females for centuries. We’ve earned every injustice that women will inflict on us
Actually, I don't cross dress beyond my passion for satin panties.

I did cross dress regularly between the ages of 10 and 14 as a professional child model with a local agency. Read some of my 55 plus adventures as a "duel gender" child model and actor posted here on EP.

Here's a little background:

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Hi Giggelets - I have to echo dampbottom's sentiment. I have read your story previously, and have to say, this is one of the very best crossdressing experiences ever told on EP! Thank you so much for sharing this.

The greatest story ever told !!!!!

Wow! Thats! I hope that you read more of my ventures as a child model.