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From Tights To Dancewear Amd Then The Rest!

My first want was to wear tights....but with almost the same time I discovered dancewear....As soon as I could at 17, i started a class...but it took over - and i used to wear ballet wear all the time - and would just use decent semi sheer and sometime sheer tights with my leotard or shorties.... By 21 I couldnt help myself - and started in skirts and heels and dressing properly.
But it is nylons and dancewear that always does and still is an influence - and thrilled leggings, bodies etc are back in fashion!
NicoleTS NicoleTS 41-45, T 7 Responses Dec 22, 2011

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Absolutely, love dance wear. Anything spandex and high heels.

I would love to see you in your dance outfit! You are sooo sexy!

i have a foot fetish for womens feet , they have to be with arches and clean i love meaty soles and plump toes , and also i love to see feet that looks nice when wrinkled, i also like mature feet

You are GORGEOUS. I would love to see you dressed to dance!

Fabulous for you Nicole.<br />
And I can see that you've blossomed through your progress<br />
Hugs<br />

Id have to agree. Wearing tights and a leotard at 13 for ballet classes gave me a love of feminine girly clothing ever since

I totally agree Nicole. For me ballet lessons, as the only boy in a class of over 20 girls, was initially frightening and then so exciting.At first I dreaded having to wear tights but soon it was the thrill of pulling on those girly black tights( a pair of my older sister's black school tights) and being able to wear a leotard(under my tights) which excited me.The teacher suggested I wear a black cardigan buttoned up over my leotard for added warmth. My mother gave me one of her old twin set cardigans..very girly looking. At the age of 12 my love of feminine clothes and tights in particular was firmly established.