My Sisters

I had three younger sisters, 4, 5, and 7 years younger than me. I guess that a lot of things came into play to influence me. It seemed at the time they always got treated better than me. I wondered if it was because of what they wore. There was a lot of curiosity involved. Then puberty hit. I was in Jr. High, they were in elementary, and once in a while things would line up just right and Dad would be on afternoon shift and Mom and the girls would be in Primary. On those days I would think, "If I see a girl from each grade wearing nylons then I'll go home and dress up." Usually I did. I'd use sister 1's dress and sister 2's shoes (that's what fit at the time.) I had also seen girls at school playing on the sidewalk hand rails swinging on them and wondered if their dresses got in the way and how did it feel to straddle things that way. So once I was dressed I would straddle the tub until I git that special "feeling" down there. I had no idea about what was going on, I'd never had "the talk" and thought that I just hadn't emptied my bladder enough. By the time I found out I was seriously hooked.
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I was very young when I first tried on pantyhose and it was after seeing my mother put them on. I akways remember touching her leg and enjoying the feel of the tights.
As I got older I remembered those memories and something just triggered my mind and I tried a pair on again. I remember the most amazing feeling whilst locked in my room and it was highly sexual.
from that moment I was hooked and remember I was always facinated by women sitting sexy danglinng their heels and feeling their tights.
I started buying my own in my late teens and this too always made me exited down below. I think it just grows on us as we get older and I moved onto sexy heels as well. Im now at a stage that I slip a dress on with heels and tights but have to keeo it secret.
Im not sure why but I also love to be feminine when I sit down and cross my legs. I enjoy admiring my own legs and heels and also other ladies legs including crossdressers.
im so glad im not alone as when I was younger I thought I must be odd. I now reslise we all have our own little secrets and pleasures.

I remember playing in my mothers black slip when I was 5 years old. But what really got me started was seeing my sister's crinoline hanging up in the bathroom when I was 12 and puberty had struck. I was totally mesmerized by it and knew that I had to try it on. So the first time I was home alone I went into my sister's room, found the crinoline and put it on. I ******** from my waist down and found that wearing the crinoline was very exciting. I was totally hooked and progressed from just pulling on a crinoline to wearing panties, a half slip, several crinolines (my sister had 3) and a skirt. Usually I just wore my own tee shirt but I did try blouses on several occasions. I was able to do this all through high school.

With me, it was the sight of the little girls, all wearing dresses to school back then and the glimpses of their petticoats peeking out. I kept wondering how it felt to have all that soft material swishing around my legs. Well, it's great. I now have 5 petticoats and a lot of pretty little dresses.

That first time that I dressed has given me the happiest memories in life. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. Feel free to add me.

Funny how our young minds came up with ways to justify or entice us to dress up. I remember being really jealous that girls got to wear pantyhose all day and i couldn't. Seeing the teacher wear too was just too much and on those days i would end up in moms room after school trying on different things.