I Was Taught The Pleasures Late.

I had an experience at 16 that completely turned my opinions of everything around. You can read about all that in my profiles of stories or in my blog's analog of experiences, but basically I was taking an older guy fishing as a guide, when I had a gay experience him. He in turn referred me to a guy who wanted to make movies of me and his girlfriend who happened to be a cross dresser. She dressed me in her clothes for a few pictures and I liked it. He took video of the two of us being sexual. The guy who initialized me had me brought down to Chicago for a party. That turned into my first time really being dressed and treated as a girl. It also taught me the pleasures of mixed gender sex. After graduating high school I went back down to spend a few months with my new friend who taught me how to dress, how to wear make up and how to carry myself. I'm currently starting college in a rural area and living with a nephew of the guy who made movies of me. Here I dress as a girl, my baby fat is still attractive, so I enjoy flirting with guys. It's a long story actually told in many installments. But that was how I started cross dressing and I now love it. I also love sex with both genders.
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1 Response Feb 6, 2012

Great that you can dress and enjoy the best of both worlds. Good luck in the future. It sounds like you have everything a girl could ask for.