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How I Was Influenced To Crossdress.

I started crossdressing at the age of ninteen while in college. I became involved with a couple and was asked to wear lingerie as part of our playtime by the wife. Her husband enjoyed dressing. After some initial misgigvings, I found that I enjoyed how I looked when dressed.
I was hooked from that point.
mspenny mspenny 56-60, M 11 Responses Feb 27, 2012

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Pantyhose. Love the feel. Makes me so horny. It evolve from there

Just sheer curiosity, at about 8-9 years old, why were Mums undies different to mine. Had a dormant time from 16-23, then, more or less, ever since, so kind of approaching my Golden Jubilee.

Just before college is when I discovered my love of crossdressing.

great story


Although I started dressing much earlier than you, in college I had some women friends who encouraged and help me, treating me like a little sister.
Great that you found that couple and I certainly can understand how you got hooked.

Started even later here but love it.

Started off in a *********? Were you and he dressed fem? How was the wife dressed? What kind of a situation was it. Did wife want 3 fem's. Did she want 2 fem's and her with dldo? What?

you started late I was about 5.But I already knew I was a girl by then.

At least she found out. It may have taken long but she's is here

I want to see you in hose and heels/

So true.

I was as well. No going back now.