Why I Started

When I was younger I always loved playing with my neighbor who was a girl and she would always put makeup on her older brother and one day I told her I wanted to try. So she put make up on me and I absoutly loved it! I now wanted to be a girl really badley when I turend 10 my mom went on vacation to flordia my brother was always gone and my dad was at work all the time so I pretty much had the house to my self. I was taking a shower one day in my parents room and I noticed I could finaly try to be a girl! I got so excited I got out of the shower and went straight to my moms dresser and started looking around and I pulled out some black lacy panties and I was so excited I put them on right away and I fell inlove! I loved the way they felt going up my leg and I love what they felt like on me. I knew I needed to keep doing this so I did the whole time my mom was gone I was trying on almost every pair of her panties. Then one day I figured out my mom had stockings I had always seen girls wear pantyhose and stockings and thought it was so hot! So I grabed them and ran to my room and put them on I felt like such a hot and sexy girl it was the best fealing ever! When my mom came home I thought I wasn't going to be able to dress up anymore and be a girl like I always dreamed of becoming. But I found ways to sneek her panties and pantyhose and I continued dressing.
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like to add me sweety ?

that is how a lot of us started for me it was my sisters

Great story. Seems like going through moms and sister's stuff is quite the common occurance. Too bad there arent more cases of them being totally supportive.

Thank you for sharing your story!

Nice story, It' wonderful for you to have found ways to dress. I am glad for you.

Don'cha just love those fem things on our bodies.


I've gotten to where I can't do with out it at least somewhere on my body. I'm 24/7 in tights and panties. Love the feel and the look I see in the mirror.

Where there's a will there's a way. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. Reminds me of my youth.

yes, you always find the opportunity to do it.<br />
I manage to 24/7 now but was not always so

Oh the memories of stealing a moment of being fem when young...love it!

Yes and I still dress all the time and im almost always wearing tights!