My First Time

I was 11 , home alone and bored. I have an older sister who was 14 at the time so i went into her room to look for some books to read and i saw her underwear everywhere. I picked up if i remember a pair of pink panties with lil blue flowers on them and had the urge to take off my boy clothes and put them on. When I looked in the mirror and saw how wonderful they looked I was hooked. I then put on one of her bras and I knew then that this was meant to be. I spent the rest of the day just trying on as many of her clothes as I could!!! I haven't looked back.
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Unfortunately I do not have a sister. I think I was influenced by my mother's underwear

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That's not surprising, Brent. Hopefully you have your own lingerie and clothes now instead of borrowing your older sister's. ;-)

Sounds similar to my experience. Id love to know more if you are willing to.share.

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Excellent and very astute comment!

Sounds like you had lots of fun and IT IS.

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Oh that is so much fun! I started with my sisters panties too.

Good for you! But hopefully you are getting your own lingerie and clothes now and don't have to rely on "borrowing" from your sister.