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I actually started when I was very young! 4 sisters and all those pretty clothes! I unfortunately kept it buried deep and other then the short intervals of alone time i kept it secret! 2 years ago I confessed to my wife and the needs are no longer hid!
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I do not know yet. at one point I found myself dressed. clothing were of my mother. if I remember I took some time short socks in the calf of my younger sister. maybe it's to make up for all the women who have not had the courage to know. it is easier to play with himself.

Hugs darling!!!

You and your wife must be very happy together.

Thank you so much!! We trueley are!!! Things are so much better now!!!

I bet you felt relieved after so many years...the weight becomes unbearable. Good for you!

Oh my!! I did not know what to expect when I told my wife!!
Her reaction then, and even now, still blows me away!!!
Thank you for reading my story!!

Did sisters dress you like a girl?

No. I\'ve read so many stories here about that exact experience. I wish they would have though.

If they did do you think Candice would have been born sooner?
Do you think they would like another sister?

I do not know how life would have turned out for me back then. I honestly wish that I would have come forward about what I trueley wanted.
But, that\'s all history.

How do sister fell about Candice now?

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it is always nice to have a female support

Thank you for reading my story.
My wife has told me that she wishes I would have told her years ago.
So much lost time!!

It must have been very difficult to keep everything hidden for so long. Did you have opportunities to dress growing up with 4 sisters?

Sneaking around! My oldest sister I think knew! There was a time where there were matching out fits put together right in front as I opened the closet door, so I do think she knew! Never said a word though!

You had a great loving sister.

Cool sister ... though it is surprizing that she never said a word.

Suprisingly so! Any thing else she would rat me out to dad so I'd get a busting!

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my mom useto dress me in all the cute girls clothes.she said i was pretty little girl. then i started to like all those girl clothes. she put a stop to it. from 5-6 to 12 then i srarted barrowing from wear ever i could get them up to the time i got married. then i started getting clothes from stepdaughter her and i would pick out my things seacreetly with my wife.