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I was used as a Manequin by my older cousins to heam and sew their new dresses and prom gowns. As far back as i can remember I was made stand on a table and wear my cousins dresses so my aunt and gram could alter them for my cousins,  I was the same size as my female cousins.  Also I wore Mary Janes and Saddle shoes all the way through high school.  loved them, except for the stones from the play ground aand the beach would  get in behind the straps on the Mary Janes.
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

This sounds like a great experience. And it seemed to have a lasting influence on you. The manequin fantasy is one I have had. It never happened to me though. I think the attraction for me is the idea that someone made me wear the dress for some legit reason, so it is Ok. I'm not doing it because I wanted to or because they knew I would like it. But I would still get to enjoy it. I hope you did!

i have a foot fetish for womens feet , they have to be with arches and clean i love meaty soles and plump toes , and also i love to see feet that looks nice when wrinkled, i also like mature feet