I Tried It And I Liked It

I was probably five and I found a new dress mom bought bought for my 4 year old sister. I couldn't resist trying it on and was thrilled. I continued crossdressing in private through my teens but had to quit for a few years while I was in the army. I loaned my brother some money so he could buy a house and took a room with him the following year. By chance, I found a few of his feminine things and realized he was kinky also. One night I put on my best skirt and blouse, shoes and lingerie. I was nervous but I went downstairs where he was watching tv and showed myself. He didn't say much. I wanted him to say something, either way. I told him I liked to wear woman's clothes and would he mind if I did around the house sometimes. He just grunted and said "I guess". From then on I did dress up occasionally in the evenings and sat on the sofa watching tv, sometimes my brother would join me but he never sat by me. I knew the things I found were his, but he wouldn't admit it. I lived there about three years and until recently he was the only person, other than my ex, who knew about my fetish.Today I don't much care. I am on a journey to feminize myself and I want everyone to meet the feminine me.
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3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

I have been wearing lingerie on and off since I was about age 9, Fulltime since I was age 20.

Too bad about your bro not opening up about it when you came out to him crossdressed. I am sure he has his reasons. But hey he and your ex both know and now, like you said, you don't care and you are femining yourself. That is great.

Good you had an outlet to dress occasionally while you lived in your brother's house. Sorry to hear there wasn't an open line of communication. But you had a safe outlet to dress.