Mom's Bra And Panties

When I was about 11 or 12 I decided I wanted to try on mom's bra and panties. I had seen mom walking between her bedroom and the bathroom wearing her bra and panties.  As kids are curious I wondered about the things she was wearing.

I remember going into my moms drawers and finding her bras and panties.  I just had to put them on.  I took off my clothes and put the panties on first and then the bra.  I had to let the bra straps out and likely did not resize then later.  Mom probably figured out something was wrong but never mentioned it.

Wow, what an amazing feeling!  I absolutely felt wonderful.  It was a new experience.  What seemed like a few minutes later I was on pins and needles and took off her bra and panties.  Then put them on again another day.

In a later visit I found her girdle and stockings and decided I think I will try these on too.   
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

There is something so wonderfully special about feeling the silken pleasure our Mother's underwear gives us.

I agree